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Desing cow milking machine introduction

Desing cow milking machine introduction


Desing cow milking machine is composed of milking machine and vacuum device. The suction action of vacuum device is used to simulate the suckling action of calf  or sheep, and milk is sucked out.

Operation flow of milking machine

Although using milking machine operation can greatly improve work efficiency and improve the degree of milk cleaning, but in the use of milking machine, operators of Desing cow milking machine should also pay attention to the following points, only in strict accordance with the requirements of the operation can they achieve the ultimate purpose of using milking machine:

1)Before milking, the milking machine should be cleaned and disinfected carefully to ensure that the milked cows meet the hygienic quality requirements. At the same time, the appearance of the breast should be observed and touched to see whether there are redness, swelling, heat pain and trauma, and then the first milk of each breast area should be squeezed into the cup with a surface net to check whether there are clots, flocculation and water like in the milk, so as to timely find clinical mastitis, prevent mastitis milk mixed with normal milk.

2)The milker must be relatively stable and gentle with the cows. Operator of milking machine must not beat the cows to avoid developing their bad habits.

3)The nipple rubber of milking machine should be flexible enough and suitable size to adapt to the use of different sizes of nipples.

4)Milking machines should not expose cows to any harmful stimulation that may affect the health and normal discharge of their udders.

Notes for milking machine

For calf with too small teats at the first birth, necessary training and training should be carried out patiently during milking.

When winter and spring thaw, if there is nipple cracking, each time after milking can besmear with boric acid ointment, prohibit the use of vaseline smear nipple.

Milk from cows under the following conditions shall be treated separately and shall not be offered for human consumption.

One is milk with mastitis (high levels of bacteria and somatic cells, smelly);

Secondly, milk with ketosis (abnormal taste);

Third is puerperal milk and colostrum before delivery.

Must squeeze net, otherwise affect milk yield, reduce milk fat rate, and easy to cause mastitis and other diseases.

The milking time should not be more than 7 minutes, because the milk completely disappeared after 7 minutes, if you pull the nipple too much, will irritate the cow no longer cooperate, resulting in difficult milking.

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