Desing large-scale sheep washing equipment

by:Desing      2021-01-13

The manufacturer of the multi-functional intelligent mobile medicated sheep washing machine is the sheep washing medicated bath machine produced by our Desing livestock machinery. The advantage of the sheep washing medicated bath machine is that the utility model belongs to the technical field of animal husbandry machinery, especially involving a This kind of medicated bath machine is used to prevent and wash sheep and other animals outside, scabies and other sheep washes. Suitable for transportation in plain areas and long-distance roads.

The release and application of the Desing brand sheep washing medicated bath machine equipment in accordance with the 'Livestock medicated bath machine' standard has played a good role in improving the quality of livestock medicated bath and reducing environmental pollution. Traditional designated medicinal baths need to be planned and constructed in pastoral areas. The investment is large and it is inconvenient to get water. Because of the different levels of staff participating in medicated baths in different places, the quality of livestock medicated baths varies, and the waste generated after medicated baths causes a certain amount of environmental damage. Pollution. At the same time, it is very difficult for herders to move large flocks of sheep when they are taking livestock medicine baths. Therefore, the addition of Desing sheep washing medicine bath equipment has greatly helped the herders. We are also very pleased!

Desing sheep washing medicated bath machine can be divided into fixed type and mobile type. Mobile sheep washing medicated bath equipment is multifunctional. It is practical, convenient for loading and unloading, and transportation. It can quickly reach any remote area and reduce sheep. Long-distance driving to avoid the flow of sheep, while maintaining a constant concentration of the liquid medicine, safe and effective, can prevent accidents of sheep, improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, material resources, and financial resources, and effectively control the epidemic of mites and other external diseases In one sentence, the sheep washing medicated bath machine is an indispensable facility for modern and large-scale sheep production. The application of this equipment is of great significance for improving the technological content of sheep raising industry and promoting the sustainable development of sheep raising.

The sheep washing medicated bath machine manufactured by Desing Animal Machinery is also fixedly connected with a wall that guides the sheep into the lifting tank. This kind of sheep medicated bath equipment does not require extra labor. The sheep washing machine manufacturer can complete the lamb washing work with 2-3 people. The lamb washing speed is fast and safe. It also has relevant standards. According to the 'Livestock medicated bath machine' standard, it is According to the needs of breeding and animal husbandry, combined with the local farming and pastoral area breeding conditions and the characteristics of insect and epidemic prevention mode, a mechanical product for sheep insect prevention and epidemic prevention is produced. This standard has the characteristics of pertinence and strong practicality! Just have a standard!

Desing's products, technology, product quality standards, modern production management and technical management systems, and perfect after-sales service have improved the quality of the products and relieved the worries of users. Products-all over the country, deeply trusted by users. Sheep washing machine

Desing medicinal bath sheep washing machine equipment In the daily production and life of pastoral areas, Desing large-scale sheep washing machine equipment, herders are facing a common problem is that sheep are prone to'in vitro disease', diseased sheep grow slowly, and their development is blocked. After eating a lot, there is still no meat growth, and the fur is rough and dull, and the sheep washing machine is boring, and it is easy to fall off, which makes the fur lose its value and induces gastrointestinal--- , And even more --- will cause sheep, and in vitro diseases are mostly grouped. Especially the medicated sheep washing machine equipment requires a lot of manpower to drive the sheep to the immovable medicated bath, and the cleaning speed is very slow. During the cleaning process, the sheep are easily injured because they are driven out of panic, and the medicated bath has no filtering facilities. For the sheep that entered later, the effect of eradication was not achieved at all.

The Desing sheep washing machine is equipped with a water tank that can hold 3 tons, with automatic spraying function up and down, left and right, which can thoroughly wash the sheep from the back to the abdomen, from the head to the toe. There is a door on the front and the back of the sheep washer. You can enter the front door from the back door by yourself. Therefore, the sheep washing equipment is fast, saves manpower and time, and can be easily operated by one person.

'Survival by quality, development by reputation' is our consistent aim of Desing!
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