Desing milking machine

by:Desing      2020-02-27
The milking machine is composed of milking machines, pullers, milk pipes, milk pumps and other components. It is very important for the maintenance and cleaning of the milking machine, especially the cleaning and inspection of some important components. First, the milking machine and the Milk Cup are cleaned. Rinse with clear water, then add hot detergent (Temperature 70℃, containing 1% alkali) Inside, wash with a brush, and finally wash with hot water at 80 ℃, dry and reserve. Clean and check the lining of the Milk Cup to see if it is in good condition and does not leak. If air leakage is found, it should be replaced immediately. After cleaning the milk collector, check whether the rubber gasket is in good condition and whether the small hole on the shell of the milk collector is unblocked with the atmosphere during assembly. The Puller is divided into gas pulsation and electronic puller. The gas puller and the vacuum hose should be removed and washed once a week. Always check whether the rubber film of the puller is intact and whether the small hole on the wall of the puller is unblocked with the atmosphere. The vibrator should be adjusted according to the pulsating frequency of 60 times/minute for use. It is necessary to replace the milk pipe in time. Otherwise, on the one hand, it is difficult to milk due to its elasticity. On the other hand, any tiny cracks on the surface will leave milk dirt, which provides good conditions for the reproduction of bacteria. Check the milk pump check valve once a week. If the check valve diaphragm breaks, air will enter the milk pump. Check and clean the vacuum regulator, sensor and vacuum pump belt once a month. Wipe the valves and seats of the vacuum regulator with a damp cloth, clean the sensor filter with soap liquid, and install it after drying; Pressing the belt with your thumb should have 1. 5 cm tension, Belt wear or damage should be replaced in time, replace or adjust the belt, should check whether the two wheels in a straight line.
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