Determination of the temperature rise of the milking machine

by:Desing      2020-04-03
- - - - - - - - - - - - 0 the determination of the temperature rise of the milking machine milking machine after using a long time, can present some of the common small problems, for example, a sudden warming and so on, these questions are actually compared common and good processing, when you encounter this situation, milking vendors would you not be discouraged initiative, you will be able to do the first test to stop the problem is, first of all, the working temperature of the measurement. Temperature measurement, usually with step load and transmission efficiency and can stop at the same time, also can stop alone. Comply with rules, read under the rated speed, rated power input of working temperature. , second, the environment temperature measurement. In the milking machine appearance. M put thermometer, thermometers points away from the height of the air and milking machine axis contour, the placement of the thermometer should not be affected by foreign radiant heat and air flow, environment temperature reading and working temperature of the numerical value of reading should stop at the same time. , temperature rise calculation. Requirements according to the calculation formula of professional stop counting. Milking machine in long-term use of this equipment, the demand of equipment stop regular maintenance, care abilities to prevent this kind of equipment in the use of small problems, on the condition of equipment presents a sudden warming measurement, the paper has given the explanation, so all good control of the later will be very good to reduce equipment problem, but also can effectively the progress of our benefits.
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