Development status and trend of domestic and foreign livestock machine

by:Desing      2020-09-25

In a broad sense, animal husbandry facilities include animal husbandry equipment planting and animal husbandry facilities breeding, which refers to the use of animal husbandry engineering methods to achieve partial artificial control of the environment through modern animal husbandry facilities.

In the narrow sense, animal husbandry refers to the cultivation of animal husbandry facilities, which is also commonly referred to as animal husbandry facility gardening or animal husbandry facility cultivation. Animal husbandry facilities animal husbandry is a cross-departmental, multi-sectoral integration of biological engineering, animal husbandry engineering, and environmental engineering. Disciplinary systems engineering.

To a certain extent, this can make livestock breeding get rid of the high dependence on the natural environment, and it is an efficient animal husbandry production. Animal husbandry facilities characterized by high technology, high input and high output, animal husbandry not only represents the development direction of modern animal husbandry,

Moreover, the degree of development of animal husbandry in animal husbandry facilities has become one of the important indicators to measure the modernization of animal husbandry in a country or region.

1. Animal husbandry in foreign livestock breeding facilities

Since the 1960s, some developed countries such as the United States, the Netherlands, Israel, and Japan have begun to study the industrialization of animal husbandry in animal husbandry facilities, which has gradually freed traditional animal husbandry from the shackles of natural resources and further met diversified and multi-level consumer needs.


The Netherlands is a world-famous developed country for animal husbandry facilities and horticulture. Although the area is small, it has the most advanced glass greenhouse in the world. There are five world-famous greenhouse manufacturing companies in the country, and they are the world leader in computer intelligence and greenhouse environment control.


Israel's greenhouse equipment and materials, drip irrigation technology, and planting technology are world-class, and it is a world leader in the irrigation technology of livestock breeding facilities. Its high-efficiency water-saving irrigation system can control the salinization of the soil of livestock breeding facilities to a very low level. .

United States:

The greenhouses in the United States are mostly large-scale multi-span greenhouses. In terms of comprehensive environmental control technology for the cultivation of livestock breeding facilities, the high-pressure atomization cooling and humidification system and the wet curtain cooling system for summer cooling in the United States are at the world's leading level.


Japan is the country with the largest area of ??fruit tree livestock breeding facilities and agricultural cultivation area in the world. It is also the first country in the world to adopt industrial complete sets of livestock breeding equipment for livestock breeding. Japan’s greenhouse supporting livestock breeding facilities and comprehensive environmental control technology are at the world’s advanced level. The developed animal husbandry facility cultivation computer control system can comprehensively monitor and control the growth environment of cultivated livestock. The post-harvest processing operations of agricultural products, such as cleaning, grading, and packaging, are basically automated or semi-automated.

2. Domestic animal husbandry facilities

Since the 1980s, my country has introduced a large number of multi-span greenhouse technologies from abroad, and related modern animal husbandry facilities and animal husbandry technologies have started. The livestock industry in my country's livestock breeding facilities is slowly changing from single equipment and immature technology to intensive and mechanized production. Animal husbandry facilities continue to expand the scale of animal husbandry and gradually improve the level.

Although my country has made gratifying achievements in animal husbandry in livestock breeding facilities in recent years, there is still a big gap compared with developed countries.

It is specifically manifested in several aspects such as the low level of livestock breeding facilities, the low degree of mechanization and automation of cultivated livestock breeding varieties in the livestock breeding facilities, and the incomplete operation and management mechanism.

The main problems faced by the livestock industry in my country's livestock breeding facilities are as follows:

Poor technological innovation conditions and imperfect mechanisms;

The promotion system is not sound and the level of technology application is low;

Practitioners are of low quality, insufficient supply of human resources, etc.

The development model is relatively backward, and the conditions of animal husbandry equipment in livestock breeding facilities are poor;

The standard system is not perfect and the standard implementation is lagging behind;

'Development Trend of Animal Husbandry Technology in Animal Husbandry Facilities'

1. Livestock breeding factory technology

The livestock breeding factory is a highly specialized and modern livestock breeding facility developed after greenhouse cultivation.

It is different from greenhouse production in that it completely gets rid of the constraints of natural conditions and climate under the conditions of field production, applies modern advanced equipment, completely artificially controls environmental conditions, and supplies agricultural products in a balanced manner throughout the year.

The core technical equipment of the livestock breeding factory includes four aspects,

That is, three-dimensional multi-layer soilless cultivation technology and equipment, artificial light lighting technology and equipment, intelligent environment control technology and equipment, and livestock production space automation management and control technology equipment.

In recent years, these core technology animal husbandry equipment has been greatly developed and are gradually being standardized and applied on a large scale. The design of the enclosure structure, functional zoning, and airtightness guarantee of each area of ??the livestock breeding factory are all important. It is directly related to the initial installation cost, operating cost and energy consumption of the livestock breeding factory, as well as production efficiency. At present, high-efficiency livestock breeding factories are developing rapidly in some developed countries.

Therefore, research on cost reduction is the main topic in the future.

Animal Husbandry Internet of Things

The Internet of Things in animal husbandry refers to the Internet of Things that participates in automatic control through real-time display of various instruments or as parameters of automatic control.

It can provide a scientific basis for precise control of greenhouses, and achieve the purpose of increasing production, improving quality, regulating growth cycles, and improving economic benefits.

In the animal husbandry equipment control system, the temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pH sensor, light sensor, CO2 sensor and other equipment of the Internet of Things system are used to detect the temperature, relative humidity, PH value, light intensity, soil nutrients, CO2 concentration in the environment Such physical parameters ensure a good and suitable growth environment for farming and livestock breeding. The realization of remote control enables technicians to monitor and control the environment of multiple greenhouses in the office. Use wireless network to measure and obtain the best conditions for livestock breeding and growth.

Since this technology can effectively improve the utilization efficiency of animal husbandry resources, the development of the animal husbandry Internet of Things will also help promote the green development of my country's animal husbandry and protect the ecological environment.

In the future, the large-scale development of my country's animal husbandry and the upgrading of residents' consumption will provide a strong impetus to the development of the animal husbandry Internet of Things from the demand side. In the future, my country’s animal husbandry industry will accelerate the development of large-scale and corporate operations. This will give birth to a large number of new business entities. While putting forward higher demand for animal husbandry Internet services, they will also accept or participate in the implementation of animal husbandry products. Networking provides important support.

to sum up

As the national policy promotes the integration of entrepreneurship and primary, secondary and tertiary industries, a large number of new animal husbandry economies will emerge in China, namely, animal husbandry demonstration parks, family farms, and animal husbandry professional cooperatives. This will be an industrialization of animal husbandry. Wave. Under this industrialization tide, animal husbandry-related supporting services, especially animal husbandry facilities, animal husbandry is bound to usher in an opportunity for rapid development. Under the background of the development of green animal husbandry, green animal husbandry, organic animal husbandry, and pollution-free vegetables It will make great progress in the field of animal husbandry in animal husbandry facilities.                                

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