Dexing 2 tons of dairy cattle livestock scale, electronic waterproof scale

by:Desing      2020-03-26
Dexing 2 tons of dairy cattle livestock scale, electronic waterproof scale, the company's electronic scale adopts whole steel structure, according to the production of Taiwan for cattle, cows, sheep and other large-scale livestock and poultry, also can be applied to the chicken, duck, goose smaller livestock and poultry, such as high precision, weighing fast, durable characteristic is popular with customers. If you have intention to purchase or details can click here to contact us, I wish you a happy shopping! The animal husbandry scale introduction: ( 1) Steel thickness: gb 1 of 6 mm to 5 tons of animal husbandry scale ( 2) Scale frame structure: 7 beam model scale body, reasonable design, can guarantee the lifetime deformation ( 3) XK - standard instrument: China's well-known trademark Shanghai yao hua 3190 - A12E digital display instrument, 4) Sensor 4: high precision sensors, American KeLi brand ( 5) To make cost-effective products only, no defective ultra low-cost regular & rarr; Model A12E - 1 ta12e - 2 ta12e - 3 ta12e - 5 ta12e - 10 ta12e - 20 t regular & rarr; Weighing 0. 3 t ~ 5 t regular & rarr; Amount of 0. 2kg0. 5 kg0。 5 kg1kg2kg5kg regular & rarr; Size 1. 2× 1. 5米~ 2× 4m( Optional) Dexing 2 tons say cow livestock scale, electronic waterproof scale livestock scale features: 1. No frame, low mesa, bring their own limit, automatic reset function 2. U-shaped beam structure, steel plate or flat, through special jig compound 3. Material: all stainless steel, carbon steel, stainless steel cover, three kinds of optional 4. The surface of the carbon steel weighing platform 5 after sandblasting, acrylic paint processing. The surface of the stainless steel weighing platform 6 after polishing, wire drawing processing. Protected bearing activities supporting feet, lower 7 to the requirement of the ground. Equipped with four alloy steel or stainless steel weighing sensor animal husbandry scale technology parameters: six status indication: peeling, gross weight, net weight, date, time, stable 24 light touch membrane keyboard ( Chinese and English) 255 of the 100 car number, article number, 2000 groups of records ( Can expand 4 times) Animal husbandry scale range of the input signal: - 40 ~ + 40 mv video input signal resolution: 0. 2 uv Zui big net input signal: 40 mv sampling rate:> 100 times per second nonlinear correction: 30 points in A/D conversion resolution code: 500000 yards of the power supply requirements: voltage: 100 v ~ 240 vac optional, voltage fluctuation range: - 15% ~ + 10% frequency: 49 hz ~ 51 hz animal husbandry scale power consumption: 20 w can connect Zui 8 350 & Omega; Sensor or 16 700 & Omega; The sensor serial port 1 interface forms: RS232 ( ZENITH continuous output command or output) Serial port interface 2 forms: RS485 ( ZENITH continuous output) After-sales service: 1 product is real enough: the goods we never LongJia, each product are genuine, are honest, please rest assured the choose and buy. 2 integrity is high enough, our company sincerely service for you, is a reliable business 3 to ensure good enough: our company all products are new products, quality assurance! As not all the new product, we double compensation! 4 after strong enough: strictly implement three packs of service, the products are sold on its quality problems ( For the work) Appearance no scratches: seven days replacement, one year warranty, more than the warranty, we only accept costs and provide quality service. Around 5 entity business: factories, companies, and national chain monopoly company integrity management, welcome trading company, we can sign the sales contract! Relevant recommendations: anti-static pulley with enclosures livestock scale 5 tons stainless steel electronic livestock scale bureau of animal husbandry in 3 tons of stainless steel in animal husbandry and animal farm scale
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