Desing livestock electronic scale

by:Desing      2020-02-18

Desing animal electronic scale is specially designed for animal husbandry and slaughter industry. This type of scale adopts the newly designed steel structure scale platform, with four high-precision shear beam type weighing sensors and intelligent weighing display instrument to constitute the weighing system. The system has high accuracy, rapid weighing, stable and reliable operation. Especially suitable for weighing all kinds of live animals. Livestock scales, fence livestock scale, our company production of animal husbandry and weigh station new USES the hot rolled steel girder cold bending into a u-shaped cross section channel steel, and on the cross section has multichannel tud plate, more increase the stiffness of main girder, the torsional and flexural, compressive ability is stronger, weighing platform adopt continuous automatic welding joint pull hair, and weld ultrasonic testing, with what is the quality of the weld. Dexing animal husbandry scale with stainless steel weighing sensor (imported force sensor) automatically reset the transmission structure, with overload protection function. The system has superior measuring performance, high precision, fast transmission speed, good long-term working stability, anti-corrosion function, easy installation and maintenance, wear-resistant decorative steel, anti-impact, welcome the vast number of users to call for consultation.                                

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