Different difference between different types of milking machine

by:Desing      2020-04-26
A, livestock farming equipment milking machine in the milk drinks industry plays an important effect, use during a milking machine is different, it needs classified according to the structure way. Second, in accordance with the design points are: mobile, pail, pipeline, plane, rotating disc, the type, fishbone type, paratactic type, etc. Three, in accordance with the measurement way points are: electronic measurement type metering milking machine, milking machine, bottle without measuring the milking machine. Four, pipeline milking machine, vacuum equipment fixed in the barn, fixed milk delivery pipeline, squeeze the milk can be directly through the meter and tube into the milk milk storage rooms, milking machine portable to the cows for milking, first is suitable for medium-sized dairy barn. Such milking equipment can save milking pail to pour milk, further advances the milking machine productivity, and can you improve quality of milk. Five, in accordance with the way to take off the cup points are: take the initiative to take off the cup milking machine, milking machine manually to take off the cup. Six, milking cars: the primary vacuum pump and piston type two kinds, suitable for medium and small cattle and cattle, professional features are: a brief, compact structure, small power, easy operation, easy to repair and maintenance. Seven, herringbone milking machine: is suitable for the milk cow plot mode and large-scale farms, cows wandering breed converged on milk, which can effectively advance the utilization rate of equipment and ensure the cow breast health, safe milk production. Eight, different construction methods of milking machine's size is different, they use some suitable applied ranch, some small-scale use right, so can be recognized according to the specific situation.
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