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by:Desing      2020-05-04
When it comes to difficult special mission of rubber products, there is no too much exaggerated. For rubber products on the market at present, especially this kind of animal husbandry and special rubber products, believe that today we are talking about topic is bound to have far-reaching significance to the broad masses of users of patent fiber series rubber products, the company began to develop in 2013, after more than 20 different size specifications of the products after the test, and the supervision of clients on a small scale experiment, we find the correspondency of the technics and quality of the best. Both have high cost performance is the most important feature of patent fiber rubber sheet, always adhering to the wide can spirit highest thought, let the customer use the better rubber products. But disappointing is that the market has already begun on a peer to imitate our approach to product testing, and a great deal of advocating the myth of patent fiber series products, even the ordinary products and viscose rubber products high price difference for promotion way. Actually today I want to say is, although our company research and development of this technique on the service life of the products have great increase, but in the actual product in use, improve the service life of the product is as a result, this reason is not only one. If we just on the raw materials with the fiber glue, really has greatly improved the service life of the products, the tensile strength of the fiber adhesive is better, yes, but for the wear-resisting, will improve the service life? A lot of problems don't through long-term test summary, crow is a great mistake. At the end of the day, we will based on the relative stability of the formula, let the customer know what we really use the formula ratio, gel content, mixing density, viscose fiber is uniform, and so on, all of this has a great influence on the actual use of the product, we simply learn, slavish, only to the good service to our clients.
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