Discuss rubber kraal pad sulfide medium of choice for products

by:Desing      2020-04-14
In rubber vulcanization, sulfide is a kind of heating medium, medium for sulfide medium has good heat resistance and dispersion, and has high heat storage capacity. Commonly used sulfide medium is water, air, steam, Saturated steam and superheated steam) And other solid medium, this is byre mat commonly used in rubber production. 1. Saturated steam is currently the most widely used a sulfide medium, the heat from the latent heat of vaporization, and has a large heating coefficient, high thermal efficiency, heat quantity is big, the advantages of convenient operation and low cost. Use direct saturated and steam curing, can to vent air from sulfide vessel, reduce the damage to the rubber oxygen in air. Defect is easy to condensate, in large vulcanizing tank temperature uneven, local temperature and heating media for fear of water products. 2. Superheated steam will be saturated steam through the heater and superheated steam is available, the superheated steam condensation water, contain no pressure tank temperature, less appropriate for sulfide medium of high temperature vulcanization. The disadvantage is that of equipment corrosion is heavier. 3. Hot air hot air cure under normal pressure or pressurizing, advantage is the heating temperature is not affected by pressure, do not contain water, dry. Sulfide products with hot air, smooth surface and good appearance quality. Some special rubber such as polyurethane rubber easy hydrolysis, with the hot air vulcanization. Defect is small heating coefficient, thermal efficiency is low, vulcanization time is twice the length of a steam curing, contains a large amount of oxygen in the air at the same time, especially at high temperature, easy to make oxidation products.
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