Discuss the importance of the standardization of electronic scales

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Electronic scale everyone not unfamiliar, we want to discuss today is about the importance of the standardization of electronic scales. Maybe you see it's a bit halo, it doesn't matter, want to learn more about the meaning, you can read this introduction to electronic scale standardization of the importance of the article. Discuss the importance of the standardization of electronic scales: standard is in order to get the best order within a certain scope, formulated and approved by recognized agencies, on the basis of common use and reuse of a normative documents. Electronic scale standards is to promote the best economic efficiency and economic benefits for the purpose of jointly. Standards for electronic scales has great effect on the quality and effect. 1. Electronic scale product standards is a reflection of the electronic scale product requirements product requirements is the special requirements of users, product standards is not only the form of product requirements and the carrier, but also to refine the requirements of the product and improve. 2. The legal status of electronic scale product standards has important 'standardization law' regulation: industrial product varieties, specifications, quality, grade, or the technical requirements for safety and sanitary requirements need to be unified, shall formulate standards; Products without national standards and industry standards, enterprise standards shall be drawn up, as the basis of production; Mandatory standard is part of the national laws and regulations, shall be carried out; Do not conform to the compulsory standards of products, it is prohibited to produce, sell and import. So electronic scale product standards play an important role in the enterprise, has the important legal status. 3. Electronic scale product standards for product quality has the safeguard and promote the electronic scale product competition in the market, main performance for quality, technical and economic power. Product standards not only objectively reflect the security, reliability and usability of the product the basic requirements of the technical indicators, and its test and inspection methods, evaluation rules are uniform. This not only reflects the electronic scale, technical level of product quality, also for the enterprise quality management work has been clear about the goal, the technical basis is provided for the level of product quality evaluation. Therefore, electronic scale product standards to improve the scale both guarantee product quality, and promote the role. 4. Standard is to optimize production and improve the economic benefit of internal demand standard of electronic scale product type, basic parameter, size, and make reasonable regulations such as the structure, realize the serialization of products, harmonious, form a complete set, can effectively improve enterprise management, improve the level of technology, and can meet the needs of customers, to realize low investment, high yield, is the enterprise to optimize production order, and the inner needs and effective means to increase economic efficiency. 5. Electronic scale product standard is the basis of procurement, delivery, electronic scale in the process of product sales, product standards is purchasing, delivery, implementation of restricting the technical basis of the supplier, the quality dispute occurs, will be based on the electronic scale product standards for processing; Adopting international advanced countries trade product standard can effectively eliminate the international trade barriers, to enter the international market. That is about the entire content of the introduction to the importance of the standardization of electronic scales. This article provided by Shanghai heng just instrument co. , LTD. , sorting, thank you for your support to our company. More information on electronic scales, welcome to contact our company advisory. Read this article partner also read: electronic scale maintenance matters needing attention in details!
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