Discuss the practicability of analysis of insulation rubber kraal pad

by:Desing      2020-04-10
According to insulation rubber kraal pad small make up to know, engaged in the industry for many years, there are some feelings out and share with you. The most outstanding characteristic is high elastic rubber floor, the foot feels very comfortable; Followed by good skid resistance, especially the special customized anti-skid type, not only convenient cleaning, and very durable, prevent slippery effect many years does not produce change, this is stone, ceramic tile, and other hard floor is less than, walk in the feeling of rubber floor is dependable, easy so many high-end places such as medical institution with its as the main floor choice; Third, high strength, good abrasion resistance rubber floor, through the modulation formula ratio, wear-resisting durable, and is especially suitable for high traffic and heavy traffic load heavy occasions; Its 4, balata floor use condition is very loose, both indoors and outdoors can use for a long time; Its 5, balata floor can be made into many special properties and USES, this is the an important factor to the development of the rubber flooring industry: such as highly insulated rubber kraal pad, anti-static rubber kraal mat, high temperature resistant balata floor, oil resistant, resistant to acid and alkali, etc. Its six, balata floor is a kind of comprehensive environmental protection material, our company many years of export experience has shown that the formula is good or bad determines its nonpoisonous and harmless, even add flavor as important additives, and no 'three wastes' produced in the process of production, not moldy, not born bacteria, in use process without harmful gas or material release, heat preservation performance is good, the bedroom use warm in winter and cool in summer.
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