Do you all know the little secret of the construction of the stable?

by:Desing      2020-02-29
Since the 1990s, the domestic horse industry has further developed, and many places have established clubs and horse industry institutions. In the horse industry, the horse House is one of the most important buildings in the horse farm facilities. The designed stable must be beautiful in architecture and practical in interior. Its concrete embodiment is convenient for personnel to work and comfortable for horses to rest. The horse house looks simple. In fact, there are many 'secrets' that everyone does not know about building a horse House '. First, the design of the roof of the practical First Horse House should consider natural lighting and ventilation, and the lifting frame should be slightly higher. A switchable skylight is a better choice. Smooth drainage facilities are very important to keep the stable clean, so it should be considered carefully before construction. The interior design should consider whether it is a single-row or a double-row stable. The space size of each stable is determined according to the horses it raises. For example, the stable of domestic horses is high Square, and the stable of imported horses with a slightly larger size is high Square. If it is a double row, the middle channel should not be too narrow. In addition to these, the design of the ground should consider anti-skid and other factors. Most domestic racecourse use concrete, square brick, Foreign also use rubber pad. Some problems that are easy to ignore: Remember that any design in the horse room should avoid sharp edges. There are many good cases for reference in the design of the door bolt. The drainage ditch should have a dirt filter, all faucets, power switches and sockets should be hidden as much as possible, and the sockets should also be replaced with panels with rubber covers. Second, both beautiful and beautiful. If a horse house is only practical and not beautiful in appearance, then it is not a perfect horse House. Whether the appearance is beautiful or not is sometimes closely related to the aesthetics of the owner of the stable, and whether the appearance is beautiful or not also determines the level of a stable. If you build a beautiful horse house, your later operation will be recognized by more consumers. I believe that the club managers are all tasteful people. When designing stables, you will get a certain sense of accomplishment by applying certain efforts to the appearance! Some special issues need to be paid attention to: there is a big difference in climate between the north and south of China, so the orientation, lighting and ventilation should be considered when selecting the stable. It can not only use the summer wind to cool the stable, but also consider avoiding the cold wind in the north in winter. We should make use of the existing conditions such as architecture, terrain, greening and water resources to make the best use of the situation and make your design 'colorful '. Third, the stable bed standard, many domestic horse farms do very poorly, the stable has four streams of dung and flying Mosquitoes. The reason why some horses in the racecourse and the club often have various kinds of strange diseases and some horses in the racecourse and the club do not have many diseases all the year round lies in the standard of stable beds. At present, domestic stable beds are mainly impermeable and easy to clean, and many of them are also compacted with good clay. No matter what kind of stable bed it is, it must be laid with soft padding, which is good for horses to lie down and rest. Remember, cement and masonry are not reasonable stables. Hygiene requirements in stables: whether the management of stables is qualified or not, and the hygiene standard is the red line. Feces is the source of various infectious diseases. It is of great preventive and hygienic significance to thoroughly and timely remove feces from the stable. Under normal circumstances, keep the stable with clean air and proper stable mild light. The distance between the cesspit and the stable is 50 ~ 100, not less than the distance from the residential area, and the installation of dung storage piles on the ground can also play a disinfection role. Four, supporting facilities, if the stable is the room for horses. Then the harness and feed room are used by more people, so it should be as convenient as possible for people to work. The size of the harness room and the feed room varies according to the number of horses. The harness room is larger and is used for workers to rest on duty. It is best to have supporting living equipment, because the stable is to be on duty 24 hours a day. Forage House, harness House, fodder room, veterinary rack and horse bathing area cannot be ignored. In addition, the facilities in the feeding trough and other stables are also very important. The feeding trough is fixed and mobile, but it must be strong and durable, free of edges and corners, easy to clean, and the fixed trough can be built with cement, the moving slot is generally made of wood and tinplate, with two kinds of long and round. Each horse should have one slot, and the most used is fixed. It is advisable to use tinplate bucket for drinking water, and there should be water supply equipment in the stable. The straw rack is a straw rack made of iron rod, which can be placed in a corner or beside the wall of the horse. The height should be such that the horse's head is slightly lifted without causing the grass to fall into the eye. Maintenance and cleaning of supporting facilities: heatstroke prevention equipment the climate in the South is hot and humid. Heatstroke prevention in summer is a key work for horses. Building materials of ceiling and wall should be considered when building stables to prevent heatstroke, it is best to use electric fans and air conditioning equipment to prevent heatstroke, but always check the circuit to ensure safety. The stable should be disinfected once a month, and the feeding trough and sink should be brushed and dried frequently.
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