Domestic LE30 upgrade tendency to clarify by creating electronic pulsator industry change to innovation

by:Desing      2020-04-05
Zibo gold walter machinery technology co. , LTD. To provide effective domestic LE30 electronic pulse best proposal, more content, access to this site for domestic electronics LE30 pulsator related information, understanding of domestic LE30 upgrade tendency to clarify by creating electronic pulsator industry change to innovation, contact phone number:. The reading ability and compensation is a frequently asked question, whether the compensation should be related to the competency assessment and development ability. We have access to a variety of different answers, many of the answers is correct. Here are some groups, as well as a list of the advantages and disadvantages of these practices. No relationship between wages and ability, ability of evaluation and development of the same pay is fixed or variable, there is no direct relationship. Tell the employees of their wage is determined by their performance. And development can help employees to improve their ability evaluation, improve their performance. The improvement of performance will eventually lead to increased wages. Advantage to evaluate the ability of not confused with the reward of things. - - - - - - Employees will not be tempted to improve to improve their pay grades. Between management and employees the ability to discuss the department will only focus on the development of ability, there is no direct relationship. Defect compensation cannot be used to reward high levels of capacity or ability to improve. R is not too big investment in their ability to develop, because they will not receive any direct benefit, even if they invest too much. This news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/50。 aspx
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