Dressage fence - Dressage is what? Amateur equestrian rider how to practice good dressage?

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Normal practice dressage equestrian fans can? Dressage is not difficult to learn, ordinary people can learn dressage. Dressage ( English title: Dressage) , also called trick riding and horse riding, is the warp and woof of equestrian sport, from 4 - BC The 5th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, the steps to become more artistry and appreciation sex, gradually into a competitive project, and in 1912 officially became an Olympic event 'DRESSAGE' in the international big minority equestrian club daily use, commonly used term in Chinese, there are two: one is DRESSAGE ( Means the warp and woof of normal training) ; The other is a dressage ( The secondary is used in the equestrian competition) 。 Foreign professional rider in daily training if want to say 'do horses grounded in alpine training', use the word is the dressage ( Dressage) , but also useful Flatwork ( High-altitude training/work) ; If want to say 'to participate in Dressage competition', use the word strange or Dressage ( Dressage) 。 Therefore, 'DRESSAGE' and 'events' of the two words in English are 'DRESSAGE. Studied in Beijing a 6 years professional equestrian dressage preferences of words, the warp and woof of dressage is dressage, dressage is extension of dressage. And indirect point, our normal practice dressage measures are grounded in the dressage enclosures in dressage practice ( 盛装舞步) 。 The other day and one now has more than ten years ride age between saving your chat right 1: 'recently how to ride? Practice what? 'She replied,' equestrian trainer field moves enclosures, learned so many years, now feel dressage is root, root is too important. 'I set-up circle fence ask again:' the dressage practice working circle fence is what ah? 'Her answer:' it is quick, quick ( Step or light) And running. 'Her answer very representative, at present quite a partial is dressage fence learn dressage is think so. She said steps fence that's right, but it's not quite. Because, in concept, she has some error, in the teaching way, her coach, there are some misleading. Quickly, quickly and running is set-up fence horses movement of the three kinds of set-up times guardrail fundamental way or simply pace, so she was right. And primary dressage real practice is some toes in equestrian. Such as: standing, travel, quick, quick, run, stop, forward, change, change direction ( Transformation in pregnant) Measures, etc. , these foundation can be used in quick, quick, three basic steps of running. As in the driving school student driver, start learning should be starting, stopping, steering, gears, gear reduction, then hundred meters add and subtract, unilateral, parking location and so on. So, it is suggested that some are learning the dressage encounters now be able to see - Under the international equestrian combination will - — Dressage rules, outside explain in more detail, more clearly. That is a good horse dressage so difficult, demand, normal equestrian fans can practice? Dressage/Dressage is another kind of translation is: technical training horses. Now that is a kind of technology, the size of a few people can learn and master. As for the requirement to the horses, can better explain, dressage training with equal to the technology of the horse, so all the horses are also can be trained. Only on the basis of the horses body condition is different, different practice subject. Dressage equestrian competition in fact table (like Mr Examinations have a lot of subjects Just take an examination of the horse, horse and how to test the rules on the road to coordinate the complete rules of action) , primary subjects, ordinary people and horse training can do over a period of time. Beginners dressage ( Dressage) It is a good man needs a good horse, but a good horse is the concept of well set-up ( Education) The horse. A horse of the elders of the horse-riding club operations for 20 years said a very classic sentence, are now said good warmblood warmblood why do the good? That is because a good set-up, not all warmblood well, haven't received a good set-up warm-blooded horse is not a cart horse? Well-trained teaching horse like school teachers, Ma teacher) , there is a primary school teacher, a junior high school teachers, high school teachers and university professors, etc. , so, we just start learning time does not necessarily have to make, a professor at the university teaching. The warp and woof of ordinary GuoChanMa after a short time the warp and woof of set-up which can do great teaching. In fact, the process of learning to ride a horse like we go to school. Demand through kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, high school to college. And then according to the situation and conditions of the selected readings in any discussion or Dr. Learn equestrian, only teachers into two: one is your instructor, the other is a horse. The classic argument dressage ( English title: Dressage) , also called trick riding and horse riding, is the warp and woof of equestrian sports. Good warmblood, is due to good set-up. Not all warmblood good, haven't received a good set-up warmblood is a cart horse. The warp and woof of ordinary GuoChanMa after a short time the warp and woof of set-up which can do great teaching.
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