Dressage how to practice?

by:Desing      2020-04-01
Dressage is a competitive project of equestrian events. For horses in the race action natural compact, light, coordination, etc. Make a person feel very graceful in appearance, with ornamental value. The man and the horse finished the race together action process is profound and complex. This requires horses to have high quality, and in peacetime training set-up is the key. Dressage horses have a plenty of competition brought about by the players themselves, if not, the committee will also provide you with the horse. The best horse is Europe's horse ~ by the movements of the players on horseback some subtle, and language ( The horse can understand some) To direct the horse. Dressage so difficult, and need so high order training horses, common equestrian enthusiasts or children can practice? I heard that you want to learn dressage, no kidding? Not only lovers, there are misunderstandings about many riders, I was jumping obstacles, dance is played by women and the elderly, or gay. Yes, also we dressage fence dance coach and I speak in the Netherlands, top ten few men inside, inside of male few is not gay, her husband allowed her daughter to learn dance, firmly opposed to practice dance son. Why is that? Estimate the steps need to be more patience, more love, more delicate, more emotional. I advised her to dance, she and I said I am old and attack steps dance fencing, young people learn more boring. She was more irritating after a sentence, you will thank me not learn the racecourse equipment moves, save much money for you! 吗? Can actually equestrian obstacle, she usually exercises four times a week, three basic training is specializing in the ground, jump just once, this time in equestrian obstacles first half or make the horse soft rhythmic dance training. International horse 3 star trainer said, dance fence equestrian world powers notting have is not the racecourse equipment moves power, no dance dressage fence, barrier is couldn't get on. He even joked that why salute dance competition is set, the obstacle is in salute, cannot stand for obstacles rider, stand stand nor limbs founder. China's only an Olympic dance rider soriano g give us translation '101 dance basic riding' hair of speech: dance is a foundation, dance is the sublimation. What is dance? That we take a look at what is steps, because a word translation errors, bring a few hundred years of regret. Steps, dressage from English word dressage, actually it's a French word, means horses set-up, from DiaoXun of horses. Personally, I think should be translated as dressage is more appropriate, because it is the foundation of equestrian sport, originated from 4 - BC The 5th century. Until the early 20th century, became more artistic quality and view and admire a gender, for competitive sports especially at the Olympic Games is going to 1912 years. Why do you want to jump to play? Why do you want to fore spinning? Why do you want to hind legs rotating? Why do you want to salute the halt? Jump kick is when a pile of infantry around you, kill a way out. Which is easy to understand why modern dance judge rules, no matter what pace, the horse should have motivation and forward momentum, hind legs step rotation also not just move, must have the shrinkage mark time, want to quickly can change to the next, you cut perfect to hide on the battlefield, going to the next target. So when it comes to dressage, every commentator said love people wear costumes, horse go dancing, yes, but it's just dressage competition, but through the punctuate the misunderstanding. Dressage, can be understood as a dance competition, and can be understood as a basic Dressage, sometimes with a flat work, the training ground. What steps are to practice? If someone asked me, what are steps that practice? I will answer, walk, trot and running. Sure someone is the introduction, that I will be ten years ago, yes I have a class taught students alone walk trot and running. Actually this three kinds of pace is only the most basic step, cooperate to halt, move forward, stop, retreat, the pace of transformation and direction transformation, like driving a car, you learn nothing more is to start, go straight, turn, retreat, who will learn drift and air change tire. You completed in point B accurate running to walk, to point B as a starting point, to complete a 15 m running circle, in a 20 x40 to make 3 - in the field Five big snake transform, such as simple, you three laps, ensure that each such as big, round, such as complete these actions, let's sit down and talk. The dance moves so difficult, lovers can learn? What to see and than, if compared to run the circle, really difficult and boring. But now that is a technology, is the ability to learn and master, and compared with obstacles, earlier can run in the primary, achievement is not important, to see the horse understand your intentions, you complete the action, with absolute than horses with which you want to go running big circle. To a very high level of other then the line? Since the dressage is to set-up a horse, that you also worry about what? All said steps must be warm-blooded horse? That's warmblood shape, the structure is more easy to set-up, to look better, you didn't take a set-up warmblood, than as a mature set-up GuoChanMa, no setups warmblood is a cart horse.
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