Dressage incarnations, from a gentleman culture to modern leisure sports

by:Desing      2020-03-26
As early as 4 - BC 5th century, the greeks began to improve Ma Zhan talent and training the horse for artistic pleasure and dance moves, Human gait) 。 The classical tradition of so far is a famous Spanish riding school equestrian institutions, etc. The earliest use of dressage title of this project is the word of the 18th century French. Dressage derived from French dresser for training, adjustment and correction. Dresseur refers to the practice of dressage. The dressage and ancient classical riding in the 20th century one of the most important difference is that the former into the international popular sport project. In dressage fence improve let equestrian world civilization from the palace guards and military aristocracy skills evolve into the upper middle class gentleman self-restraint. In dressage another significant change is the more and more women into the ranks of high degree, in all kinds of competitions and male riders. In today's world, a countless number of riders for dressage and hone himself hard riding skills. This not only on its own, also beneficial to improve the quality of the horse is very. Ancient dressage, in terms of its primary subject, and has become a real leisure recreational sports. Found in several professional rider from the team collaboration with great pleasure, and those with high degree of professional dance play, to the society, the masses provides a healthy appreciation to enjoy.
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