Dressage is the foundation of equestrian sport, and the average rider can also make the horse jump 'rotary'?

by:Desing      2020-03-31
Dressage ( 盛装舞步) Is the foundation of the equestrian sport. It is derived from French word 'training', the Renaissance, European cavalry training horses. For the audience, dressage extremely entertaining, riders and horses cooperation shows the elegant dance moves of a series of elaborate design, so the dressage has also been described as 'ballet' of the horse. In 1912 is included in the Olympic Games competitions. Dressage competition rules of a game is in 60 meters long and 20 meters wide field. The edge of the field dressage fence set 12 English letters, as a rider racetrack fence step in accurate location change. Riders from letters A point after entering the compound, according to the regulations of the chart of issued before the game do all kinds of action, these provisions action mainly by the horse dressage crawl walk, trot, running three basic steps. Racetrack fencing athletes ride horses to shorten, middle, elongation, dance fence spin around, the wheels by passes and other steps, action. Final grades: the referee from five groups comprehensive score, score higher for the winner. Rider mounts show action coherent normalization and expertly fence senior gait transition to track. Aimed at a race horse moves the fence obedience and docility, tuning degree and horses to the rider's rein, feet, and seat for the reaction ability, and team coordination of action. Ordinary people also can let the horse 'dancing' yourself? When we sat in the stands watching dressage masters, it is often hard to see that the rider has deliberately do action to control the horse, the horse seems to be his rhythm dance to the beat, riders just quietly sitting on a horse. It sounds very difficult, for the average rider but actually dressage at the end of the day is also a kind of technology. Now that no matter who as long as more training then technology are achievable. Dressage Dressage one word, can be understood as a dance competition, and can be understood as a basic Dressage. So we usually on the basis of the racecourse practice action are practiced in dressage dressage is very high to the requirement of the horse? As we said, dressage liande is horse rider control technology, so all of the horses are can be trained. Just a different breed of horse physical condition is different, the corresponding it training course will be different. Equestrian games dressage test is a horse and rider and the horse on the specified route how to coordinate the completion of the action, primary subjects ordinary humans and horses after a period of training can do. Beginners of dressage needs a good horse that is good, but the concept of a good horse is a horse well set-up. Good warmblood also just because it received good training. Set-up is the basis of ordinary GuoChanMa after a short time based teaching can make a good horse.
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