Easy to understand, to teach you to design the ideal stable

by:Desing      2020-03-31
Why want to design a stable equestrian club in the racecourse design and planning and design, and even more professional race track in the process of planning and design, the speed of the stable design is an important part. Due to the nature, many horses didn't like to be put in the stable, so a scientifically designed the stable doesn't make your horse stables, thank you, but this will make it much easier to take care of your horse, let you feel comfortable and safe. A comfortable, safe, scientific stable is indispensable for every horse needs a home. Equestrian sport walk a horse machine, the living environment of great emphasis has been placed on the horse fence choice the good horses. Of course is to let the horse feel comfortable, according to the varieties of the horse stable and easy set-up fence can design different standard, stable equestrian mares and stallions and stable is to separate, the male is aggressive, easy to hurt mare, so be sure to separate. For a strong combat effectiveness of horses, of course, the best or a horse has a stable is the best. Design, and the stable, and more conducive to stable mare with a pony, conducive to the growth of the pony. Design quarantined, when the body temperature, to make the sick horses isolation, to prevent cross-infection between horses.
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