Eight measures to improve milk goats milk production

by:Desing      2020-12-02
A varieties, selection, a hybrid improved between different varieties milk goats milk yield difference is very big, at present our country milk goats varieties breeding, to Sally to the highest milk goats milk production, milk production can reach 600 ~ 1200 kg. Introduced a kind of insect can milk goats, begin use pure numerous and hybrid, can significantly improve the quality of the local milk goats and production levels. Second, insist on grazing test showed that milk goats grazing 5 ~ 6 hours a day, increase the level of activity and sheep, sheep promote body blood circulation and metabolism, improve the gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestive ability, increase appetite, enhance physical fitness, still can increase the milk yield, and grazing also can let the sheep eat rich nutrition, palatability good grass. Three group of the same species, to form a reasonable structure ewes ewes physique, body weight, suggests that physical health, nutrition is good, the accumulations of nutrients in the body, produce milk will be more. As the ewe age and lambing time increases, the nanny goat milk production will gradually increase. In general, peaked during 2 ~ 5 child milk production and milk production after 6 tire gradually decline. Therefore, the milk yield is not high old sheep, the sheep sick should be eliminated in time. Production in order to select and remain on each tire to produce double the ewe lamb do nanny goat is advisable. Should choose breast breast form for the circular, pear-shaped, significant reduction of milk) before and after milking ewes produce milk goats. Four, drink enough warm water is the important element of the milk, as a result, daily supply sheep enough drinking water, drink at least four times a day, each time to drink warm water lukewarm water, and add a little salt. Five, the guarantee nutrition ewes pregnancy five months, the first 3 months of pregnancy the early embryonic development in this period slowly, under the condition of normal grazing, every as long as complementary feed 2 kg hay and 1 kg of silage quality; Late after two months of pregnancy, which in addition to their needs, but also supply tyres YangShengChang need, this time the trophic level is higher than the previous 30% ~ 40%, 40% ~ 60% digestible protein, calcium, phosphorus increased 1 ~ 2 times, for this period of time every day every ewes fill feeding silage and hay. 5 ~ 2. 0 kg, concentrate 0. 3 to 0. 5 kg. Six, bubble nutritious soy beans, grain fat 16% ~ 20%, protein 36% ~ 42%, and are rich in iron, calcium and vitamin, etc. , the best feed is to improve the ewe mammary gland secretion. Daily feed 100 grams of milk goats bubble soy, milk yield can be improved 0. More than 5 kg. Butterfat rate is higher than general dairy. Seven milk milk, reasonable technical requirements to keep the environment quiet, clean with warm water first breast, massage carefully and try to make the breast swelling, stimulative breast. Nissan milk, under 2 kg can be milked twice a day, more than 3 kg's best 3 ~ 4 times. Eight, prevention and treatment of breast disease, is a vital organ of the ewe lactating, timely prevention and treatment of mastitis, is very important to protect lactation exuberant. In lactation period, often should WenQing wash with soap and water and milk, keep the nipple and areola skin clean flexible. Such as sucking lamb damage the nipples, temporarily nursing 2 ~ 3 days, to squeeze milk after feeding lambs, the sulfonated glue of ointment. Breast milk daily on time, and massage, to eliminate the hidden danger of mastitis. Regularly check the health of the breasts, if the milk, breast has agglomerate, should be local hot compress, invigorate the circulation of blood. And let the sheep extra water, reduce the viscosity of milk, the milk is thinning, in order to easy to squeeze. At the same time, with the hand gently massage breast without ceasing, can rub and squeeze the milk stasis, until the juice squeeze net stasis, lump disappears, the prevention and control of mastitis in the bud. In addition, often to feed the sheep the cool and refreshing herbs such as some of the dandelion, herba violae, mint, can clear heat purging fire, cooling blood detoxification, prevention and treatment of mastitis. If you think this net reprint content involved, the author of a work, please contact us as soon as possible. Telephone: information.

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