Electricity high strength racecourse fence

by:Desing      2020-03-30
When the control area around animals close to the fence wire would be a high-pressure blow, animals were against the current, would amount to a conditioned reflex, only activities in the area. Animals want to enter the area outside the area, also was blocked by wires, and high pressure blow, effectively prevent the invasion of exotic animals. Animals with fences and air form a loop by a brief electric shock at the same time, although the pulse time as long as about a second time, but high strength voltage is enough to make animals suffer serious warning, in a similar warning up to two to three times the current, the electric shocks make animals horse farm fence conditioned reflex in memory, never touch the fence. What happened for the high voltage electric current is extremely weak, so low voltage high current for people and animals are safe, not formation damage. The fence this feature to help farmers in the more and more fast and convenient management of pasture, greatly increased due to the loss brought by the animals run away. At the same time also can to block the outside of animals in the area of blackmail. Electric fence is used to control the horses in the horses reared and racecourse guardrail management is very ideal. Compared with the traditional fence, it has many advantages. Horse power fence barriers have a mind on practice, so is safer than the traditional fence. Horses can remember safety shortness of electric shock, as if we were the process of static electricity. The horse thus no longer contact or prevent contact fences. So also prevent the horses the chance of injury, also reduced the damage to the racecourse fence, prolong the life span of the fence. Electric fence and economy, the cost half as long as the traditional fence. Electric fence also only need to spend on installation construction of the traditional fence half the time, time to save money. A fully electric fence system is a circuit, circuit of the energy is provided by electrical impulses. Pulse in the circuit between the positive and negative, Electric fence) Provided in the current. The pulse of the anode ( White) And insulation good fence cohesion, the cathode pulse ( Green) Electroplating regional cohesion with device in the ground. Pulse electric current through the fence wire from a pulse per second pulse conduction on the fence line. ( Low voltage high current 6 kv - 8 kv, no damage for human) When the horse contact fence, circuit - through the fence line The horse - Fully regional form a closed circuit, contact the moment, would have been a safe effective shock ( As we are usually of electrostatic) 。 By effective static memory, the horse is not forgotten.
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