Electronic scale charge is not in reason

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Small make up often see someone asking a question like this: online charging electronic scale, what reason be cause. 。 。 And so on. Aiming at this problem, small make up to you analysis about electronic scale charge not in reason, is caused by what factors. May cause electronic scale charge don't go in for the following reasons, such as: first of all, we need to check the status of power supply, plugs and wires, if there is damage to timely replacement. Then: determine the usage of electronic scale battery, the battery is used up. When no electricity will appear low pressure alarm prompt, if there is an alarm for many times, may be because of lack of electricity and cause damage. Have to change new batteries. Second: check whether the fuse is damaged, we need to use digital meet check, use table 2 k file test power supply cord of two feet, multimeter display around 500 or 1. Around 100, said the transformer normal, without resistance, may fuse burned. Read the above several possible causes of the electronic scale charge did not enter, do you understand somewhat, to its electronic scale if you charge, also don't go to try it, the hope can help to you, detail also can ask the customer service. This article from: http://www electronic scale. shengchucheng。 Com/finishing
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