Electronic scale common problems and solutions

by:Desing      2020-03-26
Reflect recent have more friends there was a problem in electronic scales, the below small make up to my friends talk about common problems and solutions: electronic scale electronic scale of the common problems in the process of industrial production, due to the region a lot of electrical equipment, electronic scale environment sometimes there are a lot of electromagnetic interference, and electrostatic interference, make electronic display instrument value is in unstable state, affect the weighing speed, make electronic loadometer work efficiency greatly reduced, if this is the case, after-sales service department shall first inspection on electronic scale filter, because it is most likely to be the most direct cause. In after replacement of the filter, we will recommend in interference environment the use of large site increase electronic scales weighing instrument special regulated power supply, and the power cord is conducted with shielding and grounding to do well, this kind of treatment effect is not too good, after processed electronic loadometer rarely occur in the similar failure. Electronic scale common problem 2 electronic scale output unstable instrument jumps, the main reason is caused by power supply voltage is not stable, when the voltage instability to the integrator, zero detector power supply, communication power supply ripple is too big, the less stable voltage first. Also a double integral instability caused by integral increase capacitance loss or leakage caused. If is the result of the sensor fault, the main measurement results for many times, and with zero drift, creep, etc. Multimeter measurement sensors in the input and output impedance, empty scale video signal, check whether the insulation resistance is normal, if more shows indicating error sensor has been damaged, it will have to replace the sensor. Electronic scale common problem three electronic loadometer boot instrument shine. Should first check whether the electronic scale load is affected by wind and vibration, whether to have objects in contact with the scale; The most important is to check weighing sensor plug is good contact! Such as by step after checking, electronic scale instrument or flashing status, then open the instrument check weighing sensor line whether there is open circuit or virtual phenomenon. Found the solution to the can! Electronic scale four common problem when the scale 2 kg after long-term use error? Users friends don't try so hard, can find the reason out. Appear this kind of phenomenon is mainly the resistance strain gauge resistance change leads to the initial value change, according to the instruction on the calibration bar, aligning the electronic scale load adjustment of the initial value can be solved. Above these are common problems and solutions, electronic scales in addition Shanghai heng just a little advice to the user friends, even if the electronic platform balances have been put to use, also must be regularly maintenance measures. Such as battery recharge regularly; Electronic scale load on a regular basis to do a good job of cleaning. So our electronic scale will prolong service life. Hope this article can rule out, get rid of your heart.
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