Electronic scale common when using and maintenance matters needing attention

by:Desing      2020-03-28
In the modern electronic scale is one of the most common of the high-tech products, USES a very wide range, mainly used in: logistics, factory, individuals, businesses, workshop, etc. We have to explain this time is about electronic scale normal maintenance matters needing attention when using, say to the maintenance of the electronic scale, work particularly small make up to you to arrange the time, the hope can help to you! 1, the direct use of personnel for electronic scale, often need to check if there's any loose for electronic scales all wiring, broken, check whether the electronic scale ground wire is reliable. 2, maintain electronic scale terminal box, dry cleaning, once the terminal box or water droplets into the damp, we need to use hair dryer tools such as dry in a timely manner. 3, electronic scale instrument maintenance personnel must be separately by relevant professional training, or through the professional guidance, can be engaged in the operation and maintenance. The above content by: http://www electronic scale. shengchucheng。 Com finishing to provide relevant reference: http://www. shengchucheng。 com/news/272/
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