Electronic scale conventional parameters is introduced

by:Desing      2020-03-28
With many users continued demand for electronic scales, electronic scale manufacturer of innovative research and development, nowadays various electronic scale function model. So that everyone in the process of electronic scales of choose and buy, more difficult to choose the right. Therefore, constant just small make up to sort out this electronic scale conventional parameter is introduced, let people better understand electronic scales. Electronic scale conventional parameter is introduced: 1, the weighing accuracy: III ( GB / T7723 - 2002). 1 of 2, great weigh: - 10 tons of 3, dividing value: g - 200 1000 g, display mode: six LED display. 5, environmental temperature, sensor: - 20 - + 40 degrees. 6, weighing instrument: - 10 - + 40 degrees. 7, environment humidity: & lt; 90% RH, without any condensation. 8, cable length: 5 m signal cable. 9, the power supply voltage: AC220V + 10%, 50 hz. DC6V4Ah。 10, working time: a charge, 30 h can work continuously. 11, rated power: & lt; 5瓦的氩离子。 12, communication interface: Rs232c can connect printer or computer. 13, weighing platform slope: steel slope is optional. The above content by Shanghai heng just instrument co. , LTD. , friendship to share, thank you for your support to our company, electronic scale information know more about, welcome to inquire. Read this article partner also read: constant just small make up teach you to distinguish electronic scale sensor instrument is good or bad!
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