Electronic scale debugging matters needing attention

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Electronic scales weighing platform adopt continuous automatic welding joint pull hair, and weld ultrasonic testing. To determine the quality of the weld, the products of high precision, can fight against basic collision; Due to the unique design, low power consumption. Electronic scale is very important work is to debugging. For electronic scales need to debug the problem, there are a lot of situations, such as electronic balance is not zero suddenly, or electronic scale digital jump at random, etc. The following summarizes several debugging matters needing attention of it. 1, after the installation of electronic scales, need to check every part of the balance of body connection is in good condition, balance the body to keep collisions with any part of the base, the scale body with all round edge iron spacing of 10 mm to 15 mm. 2, the scale before debugging, should open the power switch to heat for 15 minutes, should use load near the biggest weighing vehicle, and through several times and stay in bearing on the brake, tighten the weighing sensor is high strength bolts using a torque wrench. 3, Shanghai scale load debugging generally available weight method, the biggest weighing weight, one over ten, in turn, put to the bearing center and the weighing sensor at the top of the bearing platform, only with real difference method to measure accurately the only differences of the weighing sensor output volume, respectively, at the same time adjusting the corresponding two each ChengChongDian weighing sensor precision adjustable resistance, decrease the difference between each other, but the direction of rotation and rotation as well. 4, with a digital voltmeter measurement of various electronic scales weighing sensor output voltage, such as there is no consistent, can be adjusted respectively two accordingly in the junction box of precision adjustable resistance, to reduce the difference between the amount. Relevant article recommended: electronic scale model introduced above articles by Shanghai heng just share friendship! Thank you for your attention!
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