Electronic scale development is faced with severe test

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Electronic scale development faces a severe test: according to the data showed that affected by the China international economic environment, instrument and meter industry in China have the problem of excess, marketing escalating, combined with the electronic scale homogeneity serious adverse factors such as restriction and operating costs rise, the instrument and meter industry faces a severe test, industry leading enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises facing life and death choice, continue to intensify the pressure on the whole industry. First, rising operating costs, as the price of raw materials and labor costs rise, enterprise management risk increases, coupled with innovative consciousness is weak, control costs and often easy to overlook the quality of the products, disguised increased maintenance costs, corporate earnings in increasing difficulty. Second, marketing escalating: industry market demand, enterprises through zero down payment and crazy promotion excessive take market marketing model, the result in the user arrears increase, enterprise receivable pressure surge and capital chain face a serious problem. Third, electronic scales, serious homogeneity phenomenon: enterprise in basic research and development investment is not enough, lead to the product types and performance of similar degree is higher, the product lack of differentiation, under the market in the doldrums, the industry price war occurs, harm the healthy development of the industry. In this paper, by the Shanghai industrial co. , LTD to arrange to provide, if you also want to know more information about electronic scale welcome everyone to come to our consultation! Thank you for your support! Relevant recommendations: electronic scales and equipped with facilities connection should be pay attention to the three elements.
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