Electronic scale load selection considerations

by:Desing      2020-03-27
The following content is provided by Shanghai action electronic loadometer finishing for everyone! For details, please see the following: 1, to understand the needs of the user, the correct selection of 2, 3 need to know the biggest weighing/mesa specifications, anti-corrosion/lightning protection/explosion-proof/anti-skid/rat 4, reasonable choice of truck scale installation form 5, for electronic scale load must be a user or by the user, please please site need to issued by the local professional certification body level of explosion-proof explosion-proof requirements, and fill in the user environment characteristics questionnaire, according to the non-standard processing contract process. 6, for short axis load vehicles such as dump truck, loading and unloading car, tractor and other non-standard design you can also visit: http://www. shengchucheng。 com/news/
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