Electronic scale maintenance of five stride

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Electronic scales is our extensive use of an electronic scale. So in the process of we use electronic scales, sometimes hard to avoid can appear a little fault need to repair. So the content of the electronic scale small make up today to bring us is our article 5 strode maintenance of electronic scales. I hope it can help you. Electronic scale maintenance five strode: 1. Outside, before they are inside. Do not easily open the chassis, like rolled out without a preliminary judgment and exclude stall is by no means a veteran. Hope to open the casing to see where there is a break or apparent failure, is pure luck, even if also can't so every time good luck. About 50% failure is caused by the external environment or operation, cleaning, etc. Such as whether to turn it off after a long time? Large temperature difference between day and night? Electronic scale equipment location close to the elevator? The instrument near what instruments in use? Computer Settings are correct? And so on. 2. Repeated failures (personally If can be repeated, Oral, not trusting the user or the third party or paraphrased. Look carefully, not credulous users of oral, especially the translation of a third party. Some electronic scale operators to push to take off his own responsibility, instruments themselves suddenly. 。 。 , oneself what also did not move, and so on. These are understandable. Engineer will be disposed of properly. 3. After the power supply first, host; Attachment first, after the host. Should first check the power supply is stable, whether the load is overweight, electronic scale ground wire and the electrode and other accessories are in good condition and normal, the interface is correct. 4. Make full use of the electronic scale on the instrument panel buttons, display screen and operation or maintenance procedures, etc. , make some ruled out, it needs to be very familiar with the structure. ( Important step) 5. Learn the user's operation habit, operating personnel structure and level, the economy department of electronic scales such as maintenance are of great help. Such as how to infer the cleaning and maintenance, whether to have to update the idea of ( No matter how to won't say) And so on. Through the understanding of the above content, everyone for us this article five strode maintenance of electronic scales is clear. Small make up to bring us the content that's all. Thank you for your long support! ~ in this paper, by the Shanghai heng just instrumentation electronic scale small make up to arrange to provide, we also recommend for everyone: electronic scale code meaning explanation!
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