Electronic scale model is introduced

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Shanghai heng electronic scale type many, the user needs to choose suits own is the best. Electronic scale beautiful shape, firm structure, exquisite workmanship, favored by the majority of customers trust and support! Electronic scale in the industrial, trade, logistics, raw material in and out of the industries are very widely used in many parts of the electronic scale are not quite same, electronic scales, what are the models? Science first give you about the basic knowledge of the electronic scales, electronic scale is different from a smaller scale load truck scale electronic weighing apparatus, convenient use and measuring precision, response speed quick, mobile convenience, without laying the foundations of electronic scales, as long as it is in the same ground plane can give free weighing goods, four angles each Angle has a sensor, a simple structure. According to user needs to choose and buy in the slope, and the value framework, pillar. Electronic scales are widely used in warehouse, workshop, storehouse, express delivery, logistics, trade market, etc, suitable for lifting the goods weighing, forklift tackles, car handling cargo weighing goods. Can be equipped with auxiliary devices on the electronic scale scale and to adapt to the needs of users for various extensions. Currently our Shanghai heng just selling electronic scales basic can be divided into the following kinds: ( 1) Single electronic scale has simple structure, low fault rate optional slope, all stainless steel (optional No. 304) Maximum range can be 5 tons. ( 2) After installation of double electronic scale advantages: flush with the ground, trolley weighing convenient up and down. Whole looks beautiful, do not occupy a place, and their limited a weakness: the balance of body and frame easily jammed, installation problems, Suggestions to recommend customers replace with single loadometer, optional slope, all stainless steel (optional No. 304) ( 3) Single low electronic scale advantages: low above the ground, only 5 mm high, trolley can easy to push up, take lead slope; Lead on the slope can also be weighed; Need not when can put side, so you do not take up local weakness: to the flatness requirement of the ground is high, because the slope edge close to the ground, slightly rough will touch live slope, lead to weighing, slope can't fold, not easy to handle. ( 4) Double low electronic scale advantages: low above the ground, only 5 mm high, trolley can easy to go, take lead slope; Bring on the slope can not weighing; Their limited, need not when can put side, slope can be folded when not in use, so you do not take up local faults: balance of body and frame easily jammed. ( 5) High-performance buffer buffer electronic scales to absorb the impact of load suspension device special handling cargo measurement using lifting equipment, can effectively absorb the impact of the goods in the process of weighing. ( 6) Mobile electronic scale on the basis of the double scale load added four roller, performance advantages and disadvantages as double scale load. By weighing the wheel bearing, so limiting the biggest weighing, weighing only do 1 - largest 5 tons ( 7) Forklift electronic scale on the basis of small manual hydraulic lift truck increase high precision weighing sensors and intelligent digital display instrument of the weighing system, electronic forklift scale to achieve the cargo handling and weighing a simultaneous, each weighing data can be displayed automatically. More articles recommendation: be affected with damp be affected with damp processing method of this truck scale sensor by Shanghai heng just share! Thank you for your attention to our company!
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