Electronic scale sensor fault reason analysis

by:Desing      2020-03-25
Sensor is the core component of electronic truck scale, caused by the sensor fault for many reasons, the following is about electronic scale sensor fault reason analysis, small make up also told everyone before common electronic scale sensor fault analysis, now small make up to you to summarize some main reasons: 1, the weighing sensor itself quality problems ( 1) Sealing performance is poor, easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, leading to the internal components change in performance. ( 2) Internal strain gauge sensor to compensate the defective components and quality of terminals. ( 3) Bridge circuit aging caused by the fault circuit. ( 4) Sensor elastomer have quality problem. 2, the external factors ( 1) Installation does not conform to the requirements, resulting in sensor has long been a lateral force, impact effect, etc. , leading to the change in performance. ( 2) A long period of overload operation or in weighing platform weighing apparatus for juli impact, causing irreversible permanent deformation sensor is sensitive to the elastic element. ( 3) Installation environment humidity causes device performance drop. Dust, moisture of sensor is easy to cause short circuit electronic scales weighing sensor solution 1. Installation of weighing sensor in damp environment places should choose suitable sealing way of sensors, and installed in butter to daub, wiring and the entire sensor appearance thoroughly seal. 2. Must strictly according to the load weight is weighed. 3. Weighing platform installation of the damping device with excellent performance. 4. Loading of the weighing sensor must be loaded in certain directions, try to avoid transverse force, additional bending moment of torque. 5. Sensor shell separate grounding, to ensure the stability of the zero potential. The above summary of electronic scales to sensor failure cause analysis, hope can help to you, if you have not understand place welcome to Shanghai heng just instruments company advisory.
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