Electronic scale why such attention to detail

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Electronic scale as we often use a product, believe that everybody is not strange. Refers to the use of electronic scales, we have to say, it use many details cannot be ignored. So small make up to today and everyone together to get to know our electronic scale why such attention to detail, let you know we have a new electronic scales. Electronic scale this product while the operation is very simple, as long as the goods are placed on the scale can be automatically read out weighing value, but also has a lot of details need to be aware of, is often the detail decides the service life of your electronic scale. So we use electronic scale to extremely pay attention to these details. Use common sense: electronic scale ( 1) Electronic scale is composed of weighing electronic scale sensory gravity, then convert electrical signals transmitted to the electronic circuit. Never force when weighing, especially small weighing scales, referred to in article to should take put down gently, so as not to damage the weighing electronic scales. ( 2) Regularly to the battery charging, generally it is ok to charge 12 hours ( Time not too long) , make the electronic scale has stable working voltage, to improve the accuracy of weighing. ( 3) Electronic scale is best used in dry, ventilated environment ( Except for waterproof scale) Because, electronic scales and electronic components work in damp environment for a long time can shorten the service life, bring you economic losses. ( 4) For use within the electronic scale is high computing A/D and MCU circuit, to make your weighing accurate, stay away from strong electromagnetic interference sources, such as ( Electric welding machine, electric drill, magnets, large motor) And so on. Weighing platform of maintenance: around the weighing platform can not have stones such as foreign body, often should check and clean up limit clearance is reasonable. Resolutely banned on the scale of electric arc welding operation, so as not to damage the electronic scale. Balance if the audience cannot have water to clear in time, moisture will shorten the service life of electronic scales and conductor, speed up the aging leads to failure. Each weighing platform fittings should tighten screw ( Brush once a year antirust paint) 。 Electronic scale used small detail knowledge: ( 1) When using the electronic scale should be placed flat ( As far as possible) , four feet, it will make the weight of the weigh out accurately. ( 2) Every day for the first time use, boot after preheating first for a few minutes and see if electricity, pressure test scale is flexible and stable. ( 3) Reasonably choose to use precision, because, high accuracy can make the display is not stable, it is best to use the factory set value. ( 4) Using high precision electronic scales, each time need to change position calibration, workbench should be solid, operation. Through the understanding of the above, we can learn electronic scale reasons of why such attention to detail, also know our electronic scales need to be aware of when using some of the details. I believe you benefit. Today is the content of these. Thanks to you for your support for a long time, in this paper, by the Shanghai heng electronic scale small make up finishing just instrument co. , LTD. If you have not understand place, welcome to inquire. Partners also like to read this article: explosion-proof electronic scale power supply shortage how to deal with!
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