Electronic weighing scales personnel work practice

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Believe everybody knows our electronic scale job also is to have the corresponding rules and regulations. Only in this way can make our electronic scale more good service for you. So today, let's take a look at our electronic scales weighing operation specification. I hope it can help you. Constant just electronic scale manufacturers to share with you & ndash; — Electronic scales weighing operation specification. The operation regulation of electronic weighing scales personnel work steps: a, staff before work, should be carefully checked reserve amount, after the security reserve amount is correct, to see if printing paper inventory enough, but if it is not enough it should be added in a timely manner. Second, the staff must strictly comply with the electronic scale management standards, regulations and provisions on the regulations of the weighing operation. Third, the staff before work, individual job card shall be on the board. Fourth, the staff in the boot, shall check the electronic scales weighing display, computer and printer equipment can run normally, if found to have abnormal situation should be timely reported to the maintenance personnel, and help them to deal with as soon as possible. Five, only when the weighing display, in the light display for & other; 0' Value and normal lights lit, weighing was carried out on the vehicle. Six, direct weighing vehicles parked in the center of the pounds of Taiwan, and to weigh the vehicle to a complete stop, weighing display, numerical display stabilized, may enter weighing and printing operations. Seven, each weighing homework usually need to print documents, endorsement, and retains the bottom sheet, and to achieve consistent ZhangZhang. Eight, the staff must keep electronic scale indoor cleaning, items neat inside, at the same time also to ban the people into the electronic scale chamber. Nine, when staff leave electronic scale room, need to shut the doors and Windows and locks, and cannot leave electronic scale for a long time, if need long time to leave, you must report to the director, in, with the approval of the head, and arrange the generation after class staff, to leave. Ten, the staff shall abide by the working discipline, stick to jobs, and impartially. 11, documents required electronic scale safey, must strictly abide by integrity measurement, it is forbidden to fraud. After reading the above content, I believe you must have some feelings. So what is in the small make up to bring us the. Thanks for your support, small make up today is to introduce the: introduction to electronic scale common waterproof level and debugging.
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