Electronic weight scale appear error solution

by:Desing      2020-03-26
Small make up to you last time about how to replace electronic scale sensor, small make up today to tell everyone about the electronic weight scale appear error solution. Take a look at the solution, hope to be of help. 1, electronic scales, four corners weight range is the customer always said if there are four corners of the error Angle weight range, first of all depends on how much, if only 1 - 2 kg, that is the linear sensor has a problem, can through a resistance of each terminal on the junction box to adjust. If the difference is too big, if an Angle is 70 kg, another Angle is 75 kg, there is a Angle is 70 - 80 kg, a best Angle is 0 10 or 20 - 30 kg, that is the best of this sensor is out of order, to check whether is broken, use a multimeter to check the sensor data of two groups is normal. 2, if the goods in the electronic scales does not display the weight: if there are goods on the electronic scale does not display the weight, you can check the cable came out from the electronic scale to the instrument, 90% is caused by the data line breaking, five different colors of thread hooking, if there is to see the place where fracture directly to remove a section, then it is ok to take different color line up, pick up after wire wrapped in insulating tape, please, and the line check the meter cable behind the small box whether desoldering, loadometer whether the line of the junction box off inside, there is a problem, if not line that is there is something wrong with the sensor. 3, if the scale is not allowed in weight: if there is no weight, if the difference is not big, it is looking for electronic loadometer instrument calibration program, through the common correction weight can achieve expectant result if correction is not over, the reason is that the sensor directly. 4: electronic scale the hop if an electronic scale, hop, is first of all should feel be affected with damp be affected with damp, open the box to see whether there is water vapor, if there is water, can use a hair dryer to dry, if after drying or not, then change the junction box. The above is the electronic weight scale appear error solution, if have not understand place to work in Shanghai industrial co. , LTD. Welcome advice.
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