Encountered in the equestrian competition refused to jump?

by:Desing      2020-03-26
Competition from jump is a despair. But once I jumped several entire journey, so one or more of the rejected jump not much bad influence on me, let me spread of things to do at the moment. Shown after the jump, I turned the horse in front of the obstacle to start that moment, everything I know, I used to think that this was the real reason refused to jump? When I turn back again how to do? How can not refuse to jump again? I think there are three types of reason that causes the reject jump: 1, the horse jump interval not appropriate; 2, in the last two times even jump interval is not appropriate, the horse jump very laborious, this time is not appropriate, the horse doesn't want to do this. 3, afraid of obstacles. The first two conditions caused by refused to jump more than a third condition greatly. I seen some riders after refused to jump with faster, more defensive speed blunt jumpers, but they do not know, as long as in the third refuse to jump the reason to use this method, for the first two conditions to do this will cause the horse refused to jump. I met the first two conditions caused by refusal to jump, the first reflection is that the bonus is not arrived, now racetrack fence let horse and stability, and correct any errors. I will calmly track fence in front of the obstacles to a circle: in a more rhythm, and no power running to complete the circuit the move of the fence. In the running to and set up clear contact racetrack guardrail, and cannot make the horse dashed, fierce to rein, people move racetrack guardrail don't big, in the correct takeoff point comfortable takeoff. If the track under the fence I do speak, I can basically complete racetrack fence across the road. Otherwise, once a persecuted Ma Yuan takeoff or nearly jump would give the horse to form body take seriously. Five points to correct astronomical solution concepts: five points is not the interval of relatively simple concept. It is and horses are related to the strength, tempo, under a certain rhythm can be comfortable jump at this point, under the enough strength and corresponding to the beat, can be in the distant place comfortable takeoff. And vice versa. Only for the third reason, which is fear itself, I use defensive jump method, I usually close your legs, double rein adhere to better contact, adhere to the horse's body shape, energy with a leg out and hand to appreciate the effort to increase, hand as far as possible put the horse slow, add the horse's hind leg strength, as far as possible to make this kind of control in the stable, tranquil and give the horse more determination. Do you have in idea of shown after the jump out? If rejected jump cause you or horse, that horse or wounded special uncomfortable, unable to focus on the competition, can be bothered. But if the encounter refused to jump out, couldn't you learn from the competition. Once the exit, as far as possible under the coach to help on the training ground next to re-establish contact with horses, the self-confidence, beat and hind legs after power back up, let the horse a rest.
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