Equestrian arena, there is no barrier is easy

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Someone in the world each big difficulty doing the barriers of equestrian competition in the rankings, be male thought the hardest obstacle when British burleigh equestrian competition in the motocross Cottesmore Leap. The obstacles of the takeoff point and bushes are about 3 meters, two head can let a car through the thicket of maximum height of 1. 45 meters. Burleigh equestrian competition in the motocross Cottesmore Leap team combination in front of the obstacles, must have enough forward momentum, and the pace will be the slightest negligence, no chance of crossing over. Horses across Cottesmore Leap for strange equestrian obstacle belongs to equestrian triathlon motocross in another difficulty great hindrance, from 'name the Vicarage Vee rodeos, even has the rider' infamous 'is used to describe it. Both obstacles in 'V' stand in a long stream, the rider to skip Vicarage Vee besides twice across the ditch, had no choice. 'A meal in the equestrian competition motocross Vicarage Vee rolex spokesperson, zara Tyndall, Zara Tindall) As a world-class equestrian triathlon rider, in the face of the Vicarage Vee, she once said: 'this is the biggest hurdles to cross in the world, no one willing to jump it. Wanted to cross the obstacles, it is necessary to have the right path, and find the most suitable Angle. Width is not the biggest problem, the most difficult is the point of view that channels and obstacles, both must cross at the same time. 'Rolex spokesperson, zara, Tyndall ( Zara Tindall) © ROLEX/ASHLEY NEUHOF, zara Tyndall (, Zara Tindall) Is Britain's princess Anne and top equestrian team captain mark phillips, a daughter, her prominent equestrian achievement, in the tradition of family in 2005, Europe in blenheim triathlon won the gold medal, groups and group in 2006 in the world equestrian games held in aachen won team gold and silver. The Olympic Games in London in 2012, she completed the continuously since the dream - — Participate in the Olympic Games and won the silver medal. At caen, 2014 world equestrian games silver medal winning group. Zara, Tyndall ( Zara Tindall) 2016 years before the Vicarage Vee barrier 'of equestrian competition before motocross race, zara, Tyndall ( Zara Tindall) Said: 'this is a great competition, many obstacles along the way are not easy to cross, will schedule anything can attack. Each block must be familiar with here, and have a clear path, marching to have a chance to win. This level of competition, there is no barrier is complicated, to go over them all, Vicarage Vee is afraid is the centre of the most time-consuming. 'Zara, Tyndall ( Zara Tindall) Struggling to cross obstacle equestrian competition in the competition is not only the beauty pageant run to prance, also more effort and don't keep after face failure. Rather than riding is a noble sport, equestrian is 'aristocratic' of sports. Because it is the wisdom of men counterparts, keep running forward, constantly pursue outstanding.
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