Equestrian fence power two green will

by:Desing      2020-05-05
The second edition of the People's Republic of China youth games will be held in shanxi youyu on August 8, as the two green to the equestrian events of supplier, hangzhou livestock farming equipment suye co. , LTD. , is to work overtime production, to ensure that the game smoothly. The equestrian events for the two green will shanxi yulong racecourse, as the venue, contains the equestrian dressage, ground obstacles, cross-country triathlon, and speed the four projects, will produce 22 golds. Yulong racecourse is our company's newest high quality site fence, with 100% of new materials, according to north American ASTM standard production, product environmental protection do not contain heavy metals, senior dozen not modifying UPVC formulation system, has good toughness, high strength, long service life characteristics. Barrier pillar thickness 4 mm thickening square design, using advanced CNC carving hole equipment, high precision milling hole, hole in the middle of the column milling, both inside and outside the field have the same visual effect. Lord guardrail rail as the rectangle, the middle for the steel structure, improve strength and toughness, horse not disintegrate after bumping, effectively protect the safety of riders and horses. Yulong racecourse located in shanxi youyu, with long 1600 meters width of 20 meters international standard road, walk a horse machine, indoor/outdoor training, stable working circle, isolation, and other advanced facilities. In 2017, creating the highest level, the bonus is the most abundant, the most professional speed racing events - — Yulong international horse open, officially begin on June 24, 2017, attracted from all over the world's top star horse and rider and horse racing fans every Saturday together on event livestock farming equipment equestrian fence has been get yulong into the general recognition and support, and the livestock farming equipment as specified fence supplier, livestock equipment, as a responsible enterprise, in order to guarantee the smooth two green will hold, factory workers with high temperature, work overtime production, hope to make contributions to the race a little power.
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