Equestrian jumping how to watch?

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Ground obstacle is very appreciating the race in the equestrian events, asked the rider and the horse tacit cooperation, work together to prance 12 obstacles, including a double barrier and triple barrier. Competition in the 90 meters long, 60 meters wide field, ordinary players travel path length between 450 meters to 650 meters, the obstacles placed before 1 to 12 a number and in accordance with the number order equestrian rider obstacle progressive jumping all the obstacles. The difficulty of the race by barrier height division, as the competition of 0. 9 m for primary, wuhan military-transport will contest the height is 1. 3 m, the highest difficulty is 1 of the competition. 5 meters. The most difficult in the world is 1. 6 meters, the Olympic Games and national games USES is the level. Riders after access to the competition area, heard by the ring can be ahead of the competition competition. Rider through the flag pole, at the end of race started, all jump over obstacles, after starting point bar, effective competition results. Strike a rider in the race barrier bar each bar, imposed on four points; Horses in front of the barrier not jump may not listen to the rider's control, 3 points; 25 points. The rider first lok ma - — 8 points; Riders not according to the order number cavort barrier, a second lok ma, horses appear three times refused to jump, competition is beyond the limit of time and so on, the rider will be eliminated. Results of the competition evaluation is less penalty, fast.
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