Equestrian obstacle race 7 basic considerations

by:Desing      2020-04-01
First, the equestrian games, be sure to keep quiet - — Nor must be silent, can communicate in a low voice. Because is jumping horse rider control ability to compete, any accident will scare little heart fragile horses. When watching, the audience not only cannot frighten the horses in the voice, what noise, shout, scream, are not allowed; Cannot stimulate the horse on the vision - — What followed by waving colored flags, the sun is too big hold umbrella, too hot to wear too exposed, photo flash what ah, and so on, are prohibited. Second, the waves on the piano world equestrian championship, obstacles is typical of a 5 star international equestrian venue. Site equestrian competition is a concept level, distinguish the most intuitionistic is barrier height and bonuses. 5 star is the highest level, demand across the highest obstacles up to 1. 6 meters, the height of each 5 cm less 1 star. And universal riding the waves on the piano is the highest dance championship fencing requirements across obstacles - — 1. Six meters. But this does not mean that no 1. 6 meters equestrian competition is low or simple. Like the well-known bloomington dressage competition is a four-star of the fence. Barrier bar features is not high, in the human history feelings and Settings of the obstacle dressage enclosures 'narrow' : CottesmoreLeap take-off point, for example, seem to only one. 45 meters high, but because with bushes and barrier bar 3 m - — Can let a BMW 7 series wear dance fence, easily become one of the biggest hurdles to cross the equestrian world equestrian obstacles. Third, equestrian jumping rules. Sentence: riding smoothly in the shortest possible time skip all the obstacles. Timeout for 0 per second. 25 points, knocked off a barrier rail imposed on four points, a penalty on four points, horse refused to jump jump from two or riders riding OUT directly. Score the same player than the play-offs, same again to see who is short. So the 'time' and 'smooth' is the key - — Experienced, bold but cautious rider for saving time, turn will cut is little cut corners. While the couple or conservative riders will be around the greater curvature, to have enough distance from jumping. So the riders will study route before the game design. Fourth, it will lead to a fellow may be unheard of characters: 'course designer'. Is that they make for a love-hate relationship of the rider and the horse route, make the game full of fun and sex. And each time, the location of the obstacles are temporary. So, the absence of an equestrian events. Fifth, 'without a equestrian events the same', doesn't mean the game rules. Because the number of obstacles is usually '12 15 jump' - — There are two obstacles belongs to even jumpers, generally includes a three jumpers and a two jumpers. And barrier type, generally for single rod and double bar, basic each half of the sixth number, was about the rider. European equestrian competition players, are the rich your figure. Equestrian games because it totally different from other sports, people always is the prince and princess, which country or consortium heir - — I seem to have heard the name of seduction in Shouting alex. Unfortunately, this year China childe still does not appear. To put it bluntly, this is the world's top N generation poly dazzle a rich, fun and play together. So ordinary friends, za flat state of mind to see it is good to have fun, after all, can look at the prince and princess are hopping rode the opportunity is not much. So the day wear? What to wear? People think, the most important is the respect, respect yourself! Never wore a sweater vest what he curled his legs to go inside, don't also to jack or Mary Sue su YY, she spend dao with - — Easy to account! Seventh, on horse racing. Remember is around 2010, longines universal equestrian championship is not yet to China open station, I interviewed the magic are open a few first to eat crab racecourse trench. They said do not look good in a 5 star international equestrian competition into China. Because of horse racing, inspection and quarantine this link - — That kind of harsh, it's hard to imagine. Don't say bedding and feed, even soil, air, to detect. Why? Because those millions dollars European horse is so precious, ran comparable to very well! Left him. Precipice than China's rich N generations into three super run much more interesting content! Now, I simply say, how to make a correct primary equestrian based equipment, spend money big pretend bility dry addiction. Yes, because the British equestrian besides three points obstacles, speed, traditional dance, polo, etc. Therefore different project equipment and clothing, can also big difference! Whip is divided into a whip, more barriers to whip, dance whip, etc. . .
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