Equestrian venue and the programme

by:Desing      2020-03-30
Equestrian dressage competition venues 60 meters long, 20 meters wide, around Ma Shuchang baffle, with English letters below, to indicate a contestant status. Field disorder competition venues up to demand in more than 2500 square meters, according to plan in advance road put ten multi-channel obstacle. The height of the barrier shall not exceed 1. 60 meters, stretch beyond 2 meters shall be. The appearance of deterrence can be varied, but is should not be provoked riders and horses or unpleasant surprises. Obstacles to itself and its components when being confronted with excessive force, should Ma Shuchang households can be touch fall. But neither felt light touch that, nor light horses to trip over. Obstruction of beams and other components are mounted on the adhesion ( Joe cup) On. Diameter of the cups must be slightly greater than the diameter of the bar, arc length dressage fence to reach most bar perimeter of a third. Joe cup is tightly wrapped in bar, it is necessary to make can cross bar in the cup on the scroll. Retainer batten, fences, railings and hanging door cup, its radian required more collapse, can even be flat. Triathlon is also called integrated universal equestrian competition. Including three projects, the rider continue to participate in three competitions. Participants in the process of competition to ride the same horse, with the total score evaluation rating of three competitions. Points, groups and group two projects. At present, the triathlon is divided into three days 'and' two a day. Three-day event is limited to launch in three days to identify the participating dressage, motocross and obstacle to three competition venues; The limit of one day a day to participate in three projects ( Also be able to continue to 2 or 3 days) , but not including B, C section, motocross Duan Kexuan A. Motocross includes four stages: A, C stage is road and runway; Phase B is barrier pursuit; D stage is cross-country obstacle race. At present, after the change of Olympic triathlon has cancelled A, B, C section, save only D segment. Equestrian competition equipment including a helmet, whip, etc. Programme watch rodeos to site throwing items, please do not include food, lest injure horses and riders, or make the competing horses were shocked. Don't use the flashlight when you watch the equestrian competition stop taking photos. Smoking is prohibited, mobile phone to turn it off or set up in vibration and silent form. Back when most needed is least heeded screams at the scene of the equestrian competition is forbidden, lest make horses were shocked, affect competition. Equestrian competition stops, especially horses in the process of complete the move, it will adhere to the good order. Audience to respect to participate in Olympic Games, paralympic athletes, the athletes after completing action to clap, shall be encouraged.
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