Equestrian venue design requirements

by:Desing      2020-03-27
The 16th Asian games in guangzhou equestrian field planning and comprehensive thinking oca, institutions such as the international horse and the horse to the detailed requirement of the Asian games, with 'the 16th Asian games Asian games venues to establish project requirements ( Trial draft) — — Equestrian 'proposed by the relevant requirements as the guidance, the Asian games equestrian competition venues and related equipment planning. The Asian games Ma Shuchang planning is divided into five functional areas, identify as: track racing stables and related racecourse walled compound, belonging to equipment, logistics center and regional training ground, the audience square area, racetrack entrance area. Center field area including a 120 - meter x108 m arena; A 80 m x60 m warm-up game; A 80 x80 dressage training ground, it can be divided into three Olympic standard 60 m x20 m dressage site; A 80 m x60 m obstacle courses and walk a horse road and cool the room. Equestrian competitions dressage and jumping on centre court, motocross due to special design of sand on the track of about 2500 meters long, 20 obstacle is set on track, the track starting point and the starting point in the center. In the center of the south, north and west side set the audience stand, a total of about 6000 seats for the audience, can provide guests and media watch competition at the same time. Asian games Ma Shuchang will set the bus stop in the entrance, the games period, the organizing committee will arrange the shuttle bus to the place as designated by the audience to a racetrack, the racecourse will not set the private car parking lot. Audience will walk or ride after the ticket checking and security storage battery arrived at home. Due to international equestrian competition venues demand strict health and epidemic prevention requirements, the design of the equestrian field also adopted immune area, the area around the immune with fences, to avoid the small plants, such as dogs, cats and monkeys, entering the area. Fence to maintain wire network built and additional barbed wire in the top, any fence gate to ensure avoid into plants. Another field of motor vehicle to be in line and separate the immune area for cleaning and disinfection. Set at the entrance of each immune area of motor vehicle washing and wash the tire equipment. All the stable must open hole in the door, window and the stable fortified mosquito net. Bacteria carrying body measures adopted and the Hong Kong Olympic racetrack stables the same specification. Epidemic zone set up insects and birds control system to increase the potential germs to carry body in the breeding and rearing of can. Asian games Ma Shuchang in setting the exclusion zone, at the same time also set the immune area in the north of the site for two quarantined, each have six maag, to settle suspected disease during the race horses. Quarantined with wire mesh enclosure and have security guards, and set the shower/locker room at the entrance.
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