Livestock fence net has a long history and has been widely used now

by:Desing      2020-02-15

The development of fences has a long history. The wooden fences appeared earlier, which are simple barriers set by people to raise various animals. Development to today, the fence is a very common use in our everyday life and the connotation, often appears in the appearance of the situation of different. Modern fence categories: industrial fence mesh (such as the factory fence, commercial venues fence), agricultural fence (such as a fence, livestock fence), civilian u-shape barbed wire fence the post (such as building fences, fence wall, etc.), public facilities, fence (such as the way to the police), and so on. It can be divided into barbed wire fence, electric fence, wooden post fence, biological fence, wire fence, ditch fence, earth wall fence, stone wall fence, lyuba fence, PVC fence, cement fence, etc. According to the use requirements and divided into fixed fence, sports fence. Fence advantages: fence grazing, saving jinhua electric welding mesh manufacturers manpower, convenient for the reasonable application of grassland, grassland productivity. Biological fence and anti - sandstorm, improve the natural conditions, the role of progress.                                

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