Fence type according to special electronic animal husbandry scale pig

by:Desing      2020-03-30
Said pigs fence type special livestock scales, the animal husbandry scale stainless steel weighing sensor, ( Import KeLi sensor) Automatic reset force structure, has the overload protection function. System measuring superior performance, high precision, fast transmission speed, long-term working stability is good, has the function of anti-corrosion, easy installation and maintenance, the wear pattern steel, resistant to impact, welcome customers call advisory. Animal husbandry scale: animal husbandry scale features: 1. No frame, low mesa, bring their own limit, automatic reset function 2. U-shaped beam structure, steel plate or flat, through special jig compound 3. Material: all stainless steel, carbon steel, stainless steel cover, three kinds of optional 4. The surface of the carbon steel weighing platform 5 after sandblasting, acrylic paint processing. The surface of the stainless steel weighing platform 6 after polishing, wire drawing processing. Protected bearing activities supporting feet, lower 7 to the requirement of the ground. Equipped with four alloy steel or stainless steel weighing sensor animal husbandry scale technology parameters: six status indication: peeling, gross weight, net weight, date, time, stable 24 light touch membrane keyboard ( Chinese and English) 255 of the 100 car number, article number, 2000 groups of records ( Can expand 4 times) Animal husbandry scale range of the input signal: - 40 ~ + 40 mv video input signal resolution: 0. 2 uv Zui big net input signal: 40 mv sampling rate:> 100 times per second nonlinear correction: 30 points in A/D conversion resolution code: 500000 yards of the power supply requirements: voltage: 100 v ~ 240 vac optional, voltage fluctuation range: - 15% ~ + 10% frequency: 49 hz ~ 51 hz animal husbandry scale power consumption: 20 w can connect Zui 8 350 & Omega; Sensor or 16 700 & Omega; The sensor serial port 1 interface forms: RS232 ( ZENITH continuous output command or output) Serial port interface 2 forms: RS485 ( ZENITH continuous output) After-sales service: about price: the price for the quotation of the service firm offers! About quality: replacement for seven days, one year warranty, life-long maintenance! Of make out an invoice, to make out an invoice, the client may ask customer service! On the certificate: every product before shipment with a certificate of quality, please rest assured purchase! About the delivery: delivery cycle 3 - after place the order 5 days, with the spot will be issued in a short period of time, such as customer needs non-standard custom, specific delivery time by the customer service to inform you that the goods will ask the customer after the customer service, to provide single convenient customer the goods tracking number! The terms of payment: all products support pay treasure payment! Or the door to buy can be! Normal manufacturer! Please rest assured the choose and buy! About maintenance: if the customer product failure, the door for you to solve the problem in a short time in Shanghai, the other parts of the user provided by the customer service specific to your solution;
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