Field fence

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Layer 2 horse farm fence, 1 on the ground. 2 meters) Every Thai racecourse ground fence is widely used in racetrack, equestrian club, tourist attractions and pasture, can be installed into a square, round and oval. Every Thai equestrian fence USES 100% new material, the use of the north American ASTM standard production, product environmental protection do not contain heavy metals, senior dozen not modifying UPVC formulation system, good toughness, high strength, durable service life. 3 layer racecourse fence ( 1 on the ground. 4 meters) Horse farm fence (4 layer 1 on the ground. 5 meters) In addition to the normal white, who has also developed a high weather resistance of black, black walnut, dark green, beige, gray, annatto color such as, can make the fence better combination with the environment. Circular tube type racecourse fence every ty r&d type circular tube horse farm fence, can be designed into the second floor, three or four layers site fence, relative to the square tube, pipe of more excellent mechanical strength, is the right choice of the racecourse. Column with 155 x5mm, rail adopts 85 x4mm, circular tube design, external shocks after not disintegrate, effectively promoted the horse and the rider's riding safety.
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