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Fire prevention and horse stables size

Fire prevention and horse stables size


Horse stable

In this news, China best horse euipment manufacturer, Qingdao Desing Farming Technology Co.,Ltd. is going to walk you through some guides regarding fire prevention and horse stable size of horse house. If you're sourcing for wholesale livestock equipments, contact Desing factory.                                          

Part 1: horse stable fire prevention:

1. Smoking is prohibited in horse stables. 

2. Protect all electrical wires and plugs, etc., and make them as waterproof as possible, away from ground water pipes or places that may rain, and as high as possible to avoid being eaten by horses.

3. Regularly check whether the line gate and other places of horse stable are falsely connected to the lighting and whether the power can be normally cut off. If found, timely repair.

4. Fire extinguishers, water guns and other fire extinguishing equipment in horse house should be placed within easy reach and not affect the location of escape, and need to be regularly repaired and replaced.

5. Shut off the main brake when no electricity is needed in the horse stable.

Side note: Barn fire prevention really shouldn't be just talk.

The electricity was on. Wooden doors and Windows, haystacks, saddles and saddles, and so on.

One big fire, if poorly managed, it will undo all your hard work in horse stable management.

Horse stable

Part 2: horse stable size:

Obviously, the big horses live in the big stables, the small horses live in the small stables, and the delivery room has to be as big as two stables to make the new mothers happy

The pony barn is about 3 meters by 3 meters, and the door is 120 centimeters wide. The horse barn is about 3.6 meters by 4.2 meters, and the door is 140 centimeters wide.

The highest height is minimum 3.6 meters.

The size of the delivery room is about 7.2X8.4 meters.

If it is a sectional horse house door, then the lower door is more comfortable for the big horse 152 cm tall, for the pony needs to be a little smaller.

Windows can be opened at 152cm or higher. They can be large or small in size. They should be opened and closed in a way that opens and closes the stables inward and outward rather than outward.

The upper edge of the door should be at least 3 meters high.

The leash ring in the horse house can be set at 152 cm, and the grass net ring should be set at 198 cm at the lowest.

More news about horse equipment, welcome to contact with Desing livestock equipment factory.

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