Fluorine rubber will be how to development?

by:Desing      2020-04-12
Bullpen yesterday Mr Tai insulation rubber pad to introduce the characteristics of fluorine rubber, today small make up and further explore the development prospect of fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber will be how to development? Along with our country automobile, aerospace, oil refining and other industries, with the rapid development of the current demand for domestic fluorine rubber present a trend of rapid growth. Data show that since the mid - 1990 - s, the average annual growth rate as high as 31 domestic fluorine rubber consumption. 6%; After entering the 21st century, individual year year consumption growth rate is almost 50%. 2001 domestic fluorine rubber consumption of about 1500 tons, but demand is estimated to reach 6500 tons this year, in 2010 the domestic market capacity of fluorine rubber is expected to rise to 10000 tons. But compared with the rapid growth of consumption, domestic fluorine rubber production capacity is far cannot meet the demand of domestic market, many fields that have to rely on imported from abroad. Fluorine rubber, special rubber has a non-toxic, odourless, non-combustible, heat-resistant, resistant to oxidation, oil resistant, resistant to chemicals such as excellent performance, is mainly used in automobile and aerospace fields in China. The current domestic auto parts with fluorine rubber material of the main products include oil seal, engine, engine cylinder liner of diaphragm hydrosphere, oil filters, check valve, such as filler cap. As unleaded gasoline and efi device in the car use, such as fuel hose in rubber has also gradually replace the nitrile rubber with fluorine rubber. By our country independently developed fluorine rubber as the inner hose on santana, audi, fukang cars currently widely used. In addition to the automotive industry applications, fluorine rubber seal is used in drilling machinery, oil refining equipment, gas desulfurization device. At the same time, in the aerospace, building materials, machinery and other fields of fluorine rubber has very important application. At home, the car industry consumed fluorine rubber accounts for about 40%, oil chemical industry accounts for about 25%, aerospace and other industries accounted for 35%. Insulating rubber stall MATS, points out that as the excellent properties of fluorine rubber was gradually known, fluorine rubber application field is becoming more and more extensive, experts expect only a car industry, in 2005, the direct demand for fluorine rubber is 4000 tons, maintenance and consumption will be around 1000 tons. In addition to domestic areas such as military, aerospace, water conservancy facilities also in the fast-growing demand for fluorine rubber, these areas this year is expected to consume 1500 tons of fluorine rubber. Fluorine rubber market '. Related: what is the distinguishing feature of fluorine rubber kraal mat?
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