For children, instead of riding a horse is not necessarily control over communication skills

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Learning to ride a horse, children have more advantages than adults. First of all, the children have no heart burden, it is easier to grasp. When adult beginners need some mental comfort, coach to help adults to put down the burden. Second, the child's good flexibility, low degree of turbulence. Because the body is relatively soft, and weight is small, children riding on the turbulence degree than adults. For children to learn to ride a horse is not a must to reach what level. Equestrian is education means rather than aim, riding is communication skills rather than control. Exercise a sense of balance to ride a horse is a balance of the racecourse enclosures can exercise movement, for starters, both firmly sitting on a horse, or to learn some basic behavior, equestrian to exercise a sense of balance is very good. Shape beautiful posture riding because of the need to hold out a bosom, straightened up, so after learning to ride a horse basic posture can change hunched over bad habits. And riding belongs to the movement of perpendicular line drawing, if can insist for a long time, can gradually form graceful posture. Noble family, which is why the east require that women riding lessons when I was in a small, this can create the temperament like the princess. Exercise riding belongs to the whole body movement, coordination is greater than the strength and skill. Required for the process of riding rider hand-eye coordination, so the whole body coordination exercise to the body has a lot of help. Cultivate good psychological quality in interaction with the horse, can gradually cultivate love, courage, patience and wisdom, not only can promote emotional intelligence, also strengthened their determination to control barriers. Improve skills equestrian must first learn to communicate with animals and to cooperate, to know what's going on the horse, also want to make the horse know what they want. Children through body language contact with animals, he will gradually learn to understand others, learn to express and communication. That is why the ride can be used as a healing method, one of the reason of autism. Pleasure when children ride the horse went under, will feel the joy and excitement. Some children start may also fear, but to overcome the fear, you can gradually feel novel and comfortable ride. And riding a horse is a combination of active and passive movement of sports, compared with other competitive sport, riding will make children more relaxed, get more happiness.
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