For the children choose 'equestrian education'

by:Desing      2020-04-01
The Chinese people have always pay attention to the group of moral cultivation and the cultivation of moral character, learning traditional civilization so taught children know polite will know gratitude in a cause and effect. Today's lovely child, fear about the map of routine work, lack of courage to question and innovation. When a child is language number outside of their spare time to fill in is unable to expand their own fun, and fun is to become a great essential condition. Education, don't have to take a book with a pointer to teach, riding is a kind of wordless education influence in casual in, Shared with the children's personality and quality. Riding in a professional term, called 'self growth', the horse and rider. Children through equestrian barrier riding process, from time to time integration of comprehension, memory, and a sense of balance, independent learning, cultivating confidence and courage, perseverance, enhance self has something to do with the growth, and stable arrived - EQ, IQ, PQ body stable increase of intelligence. Riding stables is a sport for old and young, in the international physical condition allows parents think that only children, at the end of ordinary children from the age of four or five practice riding is not stable results. Exercise site fiber health riding 40 minutes of exercise enough to overcome 36 holes golf, horse riding, 10 minutes is equal to the massage equestrian obstacle 100000 times, riding jogging 30 minutes is equal to 2500 site fiber meters consumption quantity of heat, the equivalent of an entire consumed by a fierce basketball match fitness. Have a serious attitude, adjust attitude equestrian sport can help teenagers to adjust because of academic pressure, using the computer for a long time, love to eat snacks, such as reason of bad posture or attitude, let the child's posture is all the more forceful beautiful! Process knowledge equestrian is a full range of motion, has a long history and deep culture inside information and the whole industry chain; By 'riding' its sense of mystery and appeal, can, from the perspective of the interest, expand children's knowledge and horizon. Dig potential equestrian training is a systemic functional exercise, play is also filled with a motion, can exercise the child disposition of things strain ability and courage to arouse children's initiative, from time to time to dig the child's potential to foster love riding is a sport of people and animals together complete, require close coordination between man and the horse, can guide the child to communicate with animals, cultivate patience and love, let the child more cheerful disappointment, willing to get along with people, learning pay automatically, so that the growth of teenagers more well-being in mind developmental stage. Equestrian collaborative teamwork and coordination, both the man and the horse, perhaps between campers. After riding, let children love of friends, add social communication; At the same time learning team cooperation, compliance, and communication. International vision children to study abroad, very demand in the exotic township circle of communication; In Europe and the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries, equestrian, and there are a lot of equestrian open equestrian professional training institutions and even the public universities. Learning, provides a more way to prepare children to go abroad, also for the child to go abroad after social life can provide more riding is not only refers to ride a horse, learning equestrian also includes communication with horses, horse brush and so on a series of exercises, each horse's temperament and color is different, this about filled with a natural curiosity and to search for a child is a pleasure. Now there are more and more schools and parents recognized equestrian education, and its rich high growth brings to the child!
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