Four filtering mechanism used in the cow milking machine to remove impurities

by:Desing      2020-03-18
To milk seems like a very clean, actually contains many impurities, this time you use the cow milking machine filter to filter, in order to remove impurities. So what is the mechanism of its filtering? Then see together! So milking equipment filters are through what way to remove impurities in the milk? By the below small make up for your detailed introduction of milking equipment filtering mechanism of the filter paper. 1, adsorption when fluid are filtered through the maze, although some of the particle diameter is far smaller than the aperture, but under the action of electrostatic attraction, will these small particles adsorption onto filter paper. Therefore, some cow milking machine specially combined with electrostatic filter material has in manufacturing process. 2, impact in in the process, because the flow velocity, the relationship between the surface of the particles directly into the cow milking machine filter paper fiber instead of stranded in the pores of the filter paper, and the adsorption force and fluid flow dynamics in the above, thus blocking some of the smaller particles. 3, captured or directly to intercept in the process, some think it is an important factor to form a filter, think dirt particles will be blocked on the surface into the surface or the maze simply because they are larger than the aperture. 4, filtering, agglomerate as dirt particles in the cow milking machine to accumulate on the surface of filter paper, its form a filter layer, and between the larger particles smaller particles in the pore. With the continuous increase of grain, resistance in succession and constantly too, until the end completely blocked or differential pressure. Cow milking machine filter is a dedicated to do the milking equipment outlet of the milk of filter paper, when using, can effectively filter the milk, and effectively remove the impurities in the milk, etc.
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