Gansu sanlian monolayer electronic scale has been the arrival of the goods

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Gansu sanlian monolayer electronic scale has been the arrival of the goods; A few days ago we received from the company calls to say to want to choose and buy a single electronic scales; The company requires precision electronic scale range should be: 5 t / 1 kg ( Precision adjustable 1 kg) ; Made of 0 mesa size requirements. 8 * 0. 8米; After our electronic scale salesman details, immediately show that we can meet the demand of the user of the electronic scale, and there are spot supply, In the process of constantly understanding negotiation, Zui will discuss the delivery date with the company, succeeded in winning orders; After I receive my order this set single small loadometer, immediately to the despatch to the user delivery; Now receive user feedback, said it had received our single small loadometer, and try and use effect is good; In this thank you very much for the company's support and trust to our company; We will use better products and better service feedback the masses; Shanghai heng just instrument co. , LTD. Is a electronic scale manufacturer, has the function of a variety of different styles of electronic scale spot supplies; Such as: single electronic scale, double electronic scale, three buffer electronic scale, low electronic scales and mobile electronic scales, with wheels electronic scale, etc. , special requirements also can be customized; If you need to choose and buy the electronic scale, may wish to contact the advisory details oh, package your satisfaction. Tel: 021 - 67689703 electronic scale images: Shanghai heng just perfect after-sale service system: 1: you a phone call we will try to solve the problem for you 2:15 minutes we will quickly make a satisfactory reply in three days to solve, troubleshooting 4: not customers in this region, the company promises to 1 ~ 3 working days from door to door service your satisfaction is our service target!
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